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Offer your customers an easy-to-order, convenient, and fast meal - a meal that delivers.

The Food industry has been increasing year by year to feed an ever-growing demand and population. Inversely, consumer patience has been decreasing year by year. Customers want an easy way to order meals, and they want it delivered FAST. It’s not hard to see why Food Delivery and the On-Demand space have melded together so easily - each company in this space attempts to offer its customers the most seamless ordering and delivery process possible. An On-Demand mobile application in this case is a dining experience that delivers.

Bite Kite and Jugnoo are both meal delivery applications Juggernaut developed - Jugnoo currently processes over 2500 meals a day and has won 6 million dollars in funding. You could be next.

Possible Business Models

Permanent Staff and Freelancing-Meal Distribution

Allows customers to order food directly to their location of choice from service provider. Delivery personnel may be contracted or freelance. All delivery personnel deliver food from their assigned location within the city, instead of a central location.

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Permanent Staff and Freelancing-In-Home Delivery

Allows customers to order food directly to their location of choice from service provider. All delivery personnel can be contracted staff or freelancers and move from operational location to customer location.

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Permanent Staff - Pre-order Dining/Take Out

Allows customer to pre-select and pay for their meal in their favourite restaurants, and avoid the hassle of a wait time. Customers will need to visit place of business.

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