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Case Study – The Bite Kite Recipe

By Parag 16th June 2015

bite kite
Unless you’re ordering a pizza, you’ll be strapped to find any food delivered to you under 30 minutes. Traditional food delivery has never had a reputation for speed or efficiency; unfortunately, however, an ever-busy consumer market has no time time to wait. That’s why the Juggernaut team was excited to jump on this long-existing market gap when the idea of Bite Kite was proposed.

The end result? A visually-stunning On-Demand mobile application that delivers food to your doorsteps within 5 to 25 minutes. Melding together an innovative meal distribution system with a cutting-edge mobile application, Bite Kite is the fastest meal delivery application on the market. Customers are loving the delicious, hot meals and lightning-fast delivery times, and Bite Kite is loving the level of efficiency and ease it operates on. As a result, Bite Kite is delivering over 100 meals daily and growing – with no end in sight.

This Case Study explores Bite Kite’s and Juggernaut’s innovative solution to slow delivery times. From the transition from a traditional, sequential, delivery method to Bite Kite’s unique meal distribution system, each aspect is explained, as well as how each piece fits together to create the fastest meal delivery app on the market.

This case study will give you insight on the following:

  • The inefficient meal delivery process many businesses are following
  • Juggernaut’s new meal distribution system and how it works
  • Bite Kite features and operations
  • How Bite Kite was built to last, and take advantage on trends in the On-Demand space
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