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The Juggernaut Approach To: On-Demand Home Services

By jwork 26th October 2016

We believe that the on-demand economy is approached with caution for one simple reason: A lack of knowledge. A lot of upcoming entrepreneurs fill their minds with misconceptions and technicalities, inevitably shying away from these business models – which is lamentable.

We at NextJuggernaut believe in empowering you with the necessary knowledge to do away with these myths.

Home Services is an extremely large sector when we discuss the on-demand economy. With technology succeeding in the augmentation of these, it is no surprise that some big names have entered the fray. Some of these are Amazon, Housecall, HomeJoy and Handy – all successful within their ambit.

Next Juggernaut attempts to be concise, while furnishing you with all the details on this sector. Our goal is to arm you and dispel that lack of confidence you might have, in case you are one of those who wishes to make their own mark in this industry.

Purpose of the Document

Seeing the rising interest in home services portals in the On-Demand industry, we thought it was best to create a document that catered to entrepreneurs on the look out for information related to the same, to help understand the workings of an on demand home services portal. This document is intended to act as a discussion point for finalizing the high level specifications and flow of the platform that we are exploring to build together. The specific details will be zeroed in during the architecture design phase of our engagement. We hope that you will find the details informative and in lines with your vision of the platform.


  • Overview
  • Use Case by Stakeholders
  • Our Approach
  • Modules/Wireframe


You are seeking to build an On Demand Platform connecting customers looking for beauty services with freelancers associated with the platform. End customers will be able to select the service and will be matched with the stylist who will arrive at the doorstep at the scheduled time. Tracking and payments will happen via the respective mobile apps.


Use Case by Stakeholders

Customer Use Case: The primary purpose of the app for Customers will be to allow them to search for, book, pay and review service providers. Customers will enter the details about their service request, and that request will then be sent to available service providers. The Customer will be able view assigned service provider’s profile.Upon completion of the service the Customer is able to review the service provider.

Service Provider Use Case: The primary purpose of the app for service providers is to receive and manage new requests. Service Provider will build profiles that will be displayed in the app, with their skills, expertise, etc. Service owner will list hourly rates for the services they offer. The service provider will receive service requests in real time. Upon accepting, either the service provider leaves to perform the service (on demand requests), or the particular request is added to the calendar (scheduled requests).

Admin Interface Use Case: Service Owners will use the admin interface to manage the customers and service providers in the app. Admin will be able to add, remove, approve service providers, analyze the reports, set service areas, etc. within the admin interface.

Our Secret Sauce

We’ve built a robust IP using modules/components that are basic to all on-demand businesses, & they’re customized to suit your business model.


Modular Approach


Customer Sign Up



Customer has the ability to add as many Credit/Debit Cards as he wishes. Whenever the Customer adds a new card, he has the option to scan the credit card, whereby the card details are automatically captured. The Customer sets one card as his default card for all services.


11 7

Scheduling Customer



Matching Customer


In matching, based on the inputs thus far from the Customer, a service provider is assigned. The Customer is able to view assigned service provider’s profile including ratings and comments from previous Customers.

Diagnosis Customer


Promo Code


Promotional Offers for marketing Purposes. Promo Code entered by Customer in the app.


• Discount %, Amount

• Expiration

• Credits

• Validity

• Max redemption

• Loyalty Rewards Referral Bonus for Customer Acquisition Purposes.

Bonus awarded to Customers who refer more Customers onto the platform.


• Referrer Amount

• Referee Amount

• Max. Referred


The Customer receives push notifications/emails at different parts of the Customer experience:

• Request is accepted

• Service provider allocated

• Service provider arrived

• Payment Info

• Rating/Review

• New Promo Codes



Tracking the service provider after getting the On the Way notification associates reliability with our platform in end Customer’s mind. Getting real time ETA builds on the same. The Customer also has the ability to interact with the service provider via call/SMS through the app. The customer can also cancel request.


• Twilio

• Nexmo

• Voxio



The Customer and the Service Provider have the ability to give a rating and provide feedback for each other. Customer Review serves as an external Curation that helps in guiding allocation, sourcing trust, and signals quality of supply. Service provider Review serves as an Internal Curation that signals quality of demand.



The Customer have the ability to access FAQs and contact customer support via call, email or request a call back.

Service Provider Sign Up


Matching Service Provider


Diagnosis Service Provider

7 18



Key element of offline servicing of the request. We suggest either using Google maps or MapBox integration for this particular functionality. Ability to check the path to the Customer’s location and call him at any point ensures that the service provider is backed up well. Turn by turn navigation helps the service provider to easily arrive at the Customer’s location.

Thank You!

Let’s explore how we can together create the next big ‘disruption’.

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