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Israel Vaccine Delivery: How it is leading the charge and setting an example for others

By Aastha Malhotra 27th January 2021

As of 2020-21, no human is unfamiliar with the term Coronavirus. The epidemic which began by the late December of 2019 has disrupted the entire globe throughout 2020. And it is continuing as the death rates keep increasing day by day. And with new vaccines produced by the medical industries proving beneficial, the governments see a brighter ray of hope in the future as the massive vaccine distribution can nullify the COVID effect.

Israel Vaccine Dleivery

Israel and COVID-19 Vaccination

In this process, it was Israel that took a substantial leap in making the vaccination of COVID reach the maximum population. As of 19th January 2021, Israel became the first country to arrange vaccine delivery for its people on a large-scale; as the government made sure at least 25.6% of the total population received the first dose of vaccine delivery. That is, Israel made sure the Israel vaccine reaches its residents at a rate of 32.4% of 100 people compared to the 7 % of 100 people in the United Kingdom, and 4.8% of the 100 people in The United States. 

With the vaccination for COVID having an outburst and reaching a vast range of Israel residents, the government has even unveiled a “green passport” for vaccinated people to attend and conduct large gatherings and cultural events. Thus, ‘green passport’ can also be seen as a high promotional technique that the Israeli government used to promote and make the vaccine delivery system reach the maximum population, along with their systematic Healthcare Maintenance Organization (HMO). 

To meet the future demands, the Israeli government has planned to roll-out vaccine distribution among the younger public, from the age 16. This government decision has come into the process to make the larger share of the public immune to the disease, hence controlling the virus spread among people. According to the government, this vaccine delivery among the people will continue till three days before the election on twenty-third March 2021.

However, Israel is currently undergoing a third round of lockdown, with the country recording 10000 new COVID positive cases on a single day. Thus, making the positivity rate above 10% for the first time in three months, while 30-40 % of the new cases are the new COVID variant, that was first diagnosed in the U.K. 

Vaccine distribution

Israel’s unique healthcare system is beating down the COVID cases

Even though there is an upsurge of Corona positive cases among the country; Israel confidently rolls-out the vaccine on a large-scale among the country, due to its unique systematic healthcare system. This well-developed healthcare system of the Israeli government connects all its residents universally through a national digital health network. Through this national digital network, all the residents can avail their health insurance even with semi-Healthcare Maintenance Organization (HMOs). Hence, making sure the healthcare needs reach even the remotest corners and villages of the country.

Moreover, this digital network system of healthcare enables HMOs to easily track and collect people’s response towards the roll-out vaccine, as the HMOs have access to everyone’s background data like- age, gender, and existing medical conditions. Thus, enabling the healthcare workers to assimilate the responsiveness of the vaccine among the people on a large-scale.

Along with making the healthcare system hassle-free, the government of Israel’s progressive approach of using technology in the Vaccination for COVID is very appreciable; as the formulation of the whole process is done with an accomplice of the common public. Hence, a person can get notified either through an SMS or by checking on the healthcare provider website. Once the eligible status is approved, the person can fix an appointment on the internet, or he/ she can avail of the link shared to them over the phone for COVID 19 vaccination.

The Effective Distribution System from SLE

In November, Israel announced its deals with AstraZeneca and Pfizer, and the first shipment of Pfizer shipment arrived in Israel on December 9th. And the government decided to roll-out the distribution of vaccines throughout the country in insulated boxes instead of distributing vaccines through ultra-frozen pallets. 

The insulated box packaging carrying vaccines in batches in the size of small pizza boxes appeared to make the vaccine distribution process a whole lot easier. This technique even got the green light from Pfizer, says the Israeli government. 

As the first batch of Pfizer arrived in Israel on ninth December 2020, it was the SLE team from the logistic unit of Tera Pharmaceutical Industries, who decided the distribution format of the vaccination from the underground facility of Israel’s main airport. The thirty large freezers in Israel’s main airport set in minus 70 degrees Celsius (-94 Fahrenheit) held 5 million doses of vaccine. The SLE team again repackaged these vaccines into smaller bundles of 100 dosages, to be delivered among 400 vaccine centers. This process ensured The Israel government about vaccination for COVID reaching nationwide, while it also allows easy access for small clinics and larger centralized health centers. 

Vaccine Delivery

The efficient procedures adopted by the Israeli government to make sure the vaccination for the first dose of vaccine for COVID reaches 25.6 % of its total 9.2 million population, has set an admirable example for other countries. This vaccine delivery system can be effortlessly adopted by various nations, to increase people’s participation in the vaccination process. It can ultimately increase people’s involvement in the vaccination for COVID from the current 80% participation in China, 77% in the U.K., and 69% in the U.S.

Tookan, as the future aid of COVID-19 vaccination

And to make the whole documentation process and fieldwork recording tensions away from the pandemic struggle, Tookan can act as a one-stop solution for an effective vaccine distribution. Tookan, this application can help the frontline workers to maintain their daily records in a hassle-free manner; while supporting the frontline fighters to ensure the agents’ punctuality in their fieldworks through the real-time viewer. Tookan also enables on-demand deliveries, at-home services, and on-street customer acquisition.

COVID 19 Vaccine delivery

Through this unerring navigation strategy and user-friendly interface of the application, Tookan can ensure the hassle-free delivery of COVID 19 vaccination to the remotest corners of the world. This application prepares optimized route navigation while ensuring on-time deliveries for the agents. It also comes with much other positivity like automation barcode generation, agent wallet – which provides you with a wallet recording all transactions done by the agents, proof of delivery like barcode scanning, and digital signatures. These few features among the other wide-range features in Tookan will ensure the vaccines reach throughout the world in a timely and fast manner. 

Because, the world needs protection from the virus to get back normalcy, and the roll-out of Israel vaccine has just set an example for every other country to fasten their reign on delivering the vaccine to people to end this pandemic.

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