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Is this the end of Uber Era?

By kirti khanna 14th April 2017

With bad publicity from the beginning of this year, Uber kept digging a deep hole for itself. It all started with Susan Fowler’s blog post about sexism and discrimination at Uber while she worked there. The post percolated all around the internet, which lead to an investigation the next day. Strangely many people in the past had already written posts pointing out what all was going wrong in Uber. George Hobica, wrote about 7 reasons I’am not On Board with Uber on Huffington Post in 2014. Another piece by Novara Media highlighted 8 Reasons Why Uber is Bad for All of Us which was, again, published in 2014.

Apparently, 2017 is not Uber’s year. In the first half of 2016, Uber lost $1.27 billion. Driver subsidies were the main reason for such a huge loss. As planned, Uber launched its self-driving cars so as to transform its losses into profits. To cope up with money spent on drivers, Uber will simply get rid of them. However, self-driving cars landed Uber into law infringement. Then to add to Uber’s misery, one of its self-driving cars crashed in Tempe, Arizona on March 25, 2017.

Uber is under a lot of pressure and everybody is watching. It has burnt its goodwill more than money.

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