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IOT and On Demand Apps

By jwork 7th June 2017

IoT is described as a network of connected devices implanted with sensors causing these devices to communicate, analyze and share information about the world around us. Research reveals that when buyers are shopping for Internet Of Things they ask for apps that will go along with them and so manufacturers are aware that without these apps there is no business for them. The IoT products’ sales do not just end the moment the consumer purchases but it’s an ongoing process which is proving that this market rather industry is a profitable one for developers and will continue growing looking at the fact that the Information Technology industry keeps innovating new systems, apps, and software every day.

We have been exposed to lots of studies showing that the Internet of Things will need millions of developers by 2020 and I have always told everyone that IT is the future and we should acknowledge that IoT and on demands apps are changing the ways we were doing things before.

Also, it has been proven that apps are very important when it comes to the usefulness of IoT devices such as; fitness trackers, virtual reality headsets, alarm panels and smart glasses as well as wifi connected cameras, etc. Innovation has tapped into areas we could have never imagined they could change, something as simple as the bathroom toilet seat can now be designed in such a way that we don’t have to do much work, just by the click of a button, you’re done, even some garbage bins are now sensor active.

With changes in consumer behaviour and the rising number of free internet access in our cities and towns, we will see more and more adaptations to on demand apps, I mean today with apps like Uber, Lyft and other e-commerce systems that have entered the market to make our lives easier, using them is no longer just a matter of fiddling around but we rely on these because they have come to rescue us in many ways than one.

For instance now with just a click of a button, scan of fingerprint or voice recognition we just get the things that we used to hassle for like grocery store queues, fight for that top on sale, now it’s just simple you go to the Fashion Store apps and choose whatever you like without having to physically go there saving yourself time and money.

According to research by TechBeacon, the IoT is fragmented at several levels; the radio networks, the mesh networks, operating systems and connected devices.

IoT and apps together have become an essential part of our lives. Gone are the days where we had to see things just happening for the sake of it but now technology has made it a point that we can monitor and detect these events by use of IoT devices and on-demand apps, for instance, natural disasters, weather changes, electrical usage sensors to ensure low energy consumption which all, in turn, benefits the world around.

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