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Intelligent Integration: Tookan and OOS

By Manav Kambli 25th October 2016

Integration and Perfection

In a world where digital revolution has transformed the markets to an extent that in a matter of hours a company’s brand image can either skyrocket or crash. In this competitive landscape, the ability to integrate digital intelligence gives companies a significant edge when it comes to understanding and anticipating market movements.

As the on – demand world becomes inundated with information, it is time for brands to integrate like-minded companies into their operational, organizational and strategic decisions. This cultivates the degree of agility that provides them a sustainable competitive advantage in the times ahead.

As of now Google processes over 40,000 search queries every second – a staggering 3.5 billion requests a day – data creation has exceeded imaginable levels. Managed well, this rush of information can be used for fresh insights to help build better policies and create new sources of economic value. But can one force be enough to handle every single query and trawl through so much data? Well, the answer is integration.

The integration of powerful technological services (Google Maps and so many others) has the desired result of spurring an exponential growth, provided it is used prudently. Business Intelligence isn’t meant to stagnate in your data banks, it is to be converted into actionable information that results in visionary decision making and problem-solving. We wish to share this ideal with you, and our integrations are the direct result.

Integrations are strategic, as they help recognize how each insight brings value and if it is particularly useful for the branding strategy or the development of a new product or helps get rid of something redundant that pre-existed in the company.

Tookan and OOS

Tookan’s integration with OOS is no different. We believe in intelligent integrations and one is made when there is exchange of customer base knowledge since it is a crucial aspect for success in any given economy. With this new tie- up the trio will benefit seamless data sharing, the ease that comes with this benefit will directly impact the time economy and help kick-start projects and enable transparency among the companies which is always an added strength, and helps people view things from a similar point of view.

The exchange of customer base knowledge that will take place will work in the given manner, as soon as the order comes in via OOS, it will automatically get transferred to your Tookan dashboard and help you gain a larger audience and provide accessibility for the same. Co-operation indicates profit here. Integrations are a successful model because of that very reason, helping brands reach a larger audience than before and tap into potential clients that would have taken a longer time to get access to.

OOS stands for Online Ordering System, a company that provides solutions for logistics based on-demand businesses. From the paper clip to the car – if you have something that can be sold on-demand, OOS can provide invaluable assistance with it. This includes crisp, clean website design and easy to use interfaces for your customers.

With OOS, one can surf a wide range of delivery options – from food, to drinks, to groceries and laundry. It is extremely consumer friendly, and allows them to use a variety of filters for their delivery-based needs. It also deals with reservations and timed food-orders – for your timely hunger satisfaction.

On the back end, consumer monitoring has never been easier. You can geo-locate them, and even have one-time, convenient payment setups in order to have their profiles at your disposal.

Its simplicity is such that even the business operator does not need extensive technical know-how in order to carry out tasks with the help of their powerful dashboard.

The synergy between Tookan and OOS provides invaluable business intelligence, that is helpful for troubleshooting problems and taking constructive steps towards a brighter future.

You can know more about OOS.


These potential successes, however, depend on companies’ ability to respond to the new challenges associated with digital integration. To remain competitive, organizations – large companies, associations – need to address the question of how they incorporate this digital tsunami into their value creation process.

With integration in effect, brands get insights into each others business which gives room for growth and hence, expansion. Additionally, frequent discussions among company collaborators across different ranks and functions coupled with external intelligence will fully reveal the potential of the data, and yield relevant analyses through the multiplicity of viewpoints and data interpretation.

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For further details please feel free to contact us.

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