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Impact of Automation in fleet management

By Akshat Sharma 17th April 2019

Every industry has varying ways to streamline their processes to get cost effectiveness and increase productivity. Bigger industries such as manufacturing or the technology-based sector ensure that processes are being performed in the best and most efficient way. Automation plays an important role in providing a solution to many industries to adopt a certain way processes works productively. Fleet management automation can be a perfect tool to build an efficient system and move towards a successful business.

As technology gets invariably better, the idea behind automation will become relatively simple. If a job can be completed by an automatic machine in half the time with fewer expenditures and less room for human errors, then a company would benefit greatly from switching to an automated methodology. A very simple example of automation in day-to-day life can be morning coffee. Once upon a time, the individual would have to wake earlier to brew the first coffee but with automation, a coffee machine can be scheduled to prepare your coffee for you through mobile phones.

Few advantages automation provides to fleet tracking are:

Fleet management through automation
Vehicles are getting more intelligent with intuitive fleet tracking devices. These changes have started to play an invaluable part in the management of large fleets. The vehicles can effectively keep track of their own maintenance needs and communicate this information to the fleet owners, the easier it is to be proactive and minimize downtime. Continuously collecting and correlating vehicle and driver data enables to schedule repairs and maintenance according to a predetermined plan.

Safe driving through automation
Fleet management automation software comes with a full suite of driver behavior alerts that particularly focus on driving patterns such as harsh braking, speeding, rapid acceleration, and harsh cornering.
This helps in developing an automated safe driving system, driver training, rewarding safe driving, and a lot more. This helps in managing every driver in the fleet with ease.

Fuel management through automation
In a fleet management business, there is no doubt that fuel management is the biggest task in monitoring the fuel cost for the entire operation. Automation helps in a Fuel management system that uses GPS technology & automatically generates various types of comparison graphs based on the distance traveled by the vehicle from point A to point B.

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Data collection through automation
Data collection has been the most valuable in analyzing crucial information. Knowing this data can help better plan ahead and optimize on-road productivity. Every vehicle in the fleet generates a large amount of data daily from kilometers traveled, speed, fuel consumption, oil condition, etc. Collecting this information manually is not only tedious and time-consuming but also subject to human error in recording and analyzing the information. Capturing this data digitally and in real-time gives fleet managers more control to effectively analyze data that can help guide process improvement and fleet productivity.

Technological advancements in the cloud, automation, and big data have improved how we do fleet management business by speeding up processes, strengthening communication, and minimizing risk through predictive analytics. It has seen a complete overhaul of diverse industries from retail, to manufacturing and transportation. Greater inter-connectivity and tracking through the cloud have greatly improved efficiency and helped to better track crucial processes such as maintenance.

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