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3D Printers – Empowering Your Business

By Samriddhie Taneja 16th January 2018

One of the most disruptive technologies ever, 3D Printing, also known as additive manufacturing, is a process of materials being solidified under computer controls to create a 3-dimensional object by fusing materials such as powder grains or liquid molecules together.

3D Printing traces its roots back to the 1980’s. From plastic models with photo-hardening thermoset polymers to stereolithography to the fused deposition modeling technique to the inkjet printheads to the “dot on dot technique”- from non-additive to additive techniques, 3D Printing processes have come a long way.

The global 3D printing market was estimated at 16.1 Billion US Dollars in 2017 and is expected to go up to 28.9 Billion US Dollars by 2020 with discrete manufacturing being the top industry for 3D printing.

In fact, interestingly, the first 3D Printing facility in space is now commercially available! The International space station is equipped with a permanent “Additive Manufacturing Facility,” which comprises of a 3D Printer and related equipment, which was built to function in zero gravity.

In the Indian scenario, basic entry-level 3D Printers and DIY kits were used initially. Now, the technology is making its mark in a lot of industries such as the Aerospace Industry which uses 3D Printers to create and experiment new flight designs and to prototype. The tangible benefits include reduced material weight, part consolidation, improved part performance and virtual warehouses.

Architecture has been made easy by visualizing and creating precise design model (miniatures) which in turn facilitate quick design approval and faster customer input. A whole house in Russia has been 3D Printed in JUST 24 Hours. Need we say more?

House prototyping, spare part generation, and material experimentation have been on the rise in the Automotive Industry. It helps organizations meet customer demands, reduce assembly time, produce higher quality parts and lower cost of production. Topographical optimization is another trend that came into existence after 3D Printers were used in this industry.

The Education Industry has been using the technology to facilitate projects and experiments. Design and Art Schools, now, have 3D Printing courses and workshops. Biology students could use the technology to study cross-sections of the heart or other organs, Chemistry students could print out molecules, History students can print out historical artifacts, Geography students could use maps to study topography or demographics and cooking class students could design intricate molds.

The production of customised casings for circuit boards and other equipment have been made possible in the Electronics Industry. It helps reduce the prototyping time. The increased adoption of the technology has the ability to disrupt the electronics supply chain.

The Medical Industry has also been aided by innovations such as surgical guides, bio-printing, artificial organ creation processes, Low-cost prosthetic parts, drugs, tailor-made sensors and seamless organ transplant techniques.

Moreover, the PC compatibility of these printers helps to fabricate objects such as guitars, jewelry etc in the comfort of your own homes because all you’ve got to do is to design your object on the PC and quickly print it!

Product customization, least wastage, and faster production hail the way to the success of 3D printers.

The World is now a Global village. JungleWorks has collaborated with GEM, right from the heart of Korea. Gemini, one of their printer models, stands out in the cluster of available 3D Printing technology due to its impeccable app and web-based structure. In the home country, Gemini focuses on the Education industry- right from the Elementary school level to the University level. Here, in India, Click Labs would make sure that the particulars about the ideal technology reach the right people at the right time at the right place, thereby empowering design systems and encouraging innovation.

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