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5 Compelling reasons to take your store online

By Zeba Yasmeen 18th December 2023

Whether you have a fashion boutique, a shoe shop in the city, or a sports store, you want and need your customers to love your store. Even with top-notch customer service and high product demand, something may be missing. Mobile apps have long been on the rise and they’re catching the eye of new customers and increasing loyalty of your regular customers. They want access to your retail store at their fingertips, whenever and wherever they please.

So what is a simple mobile app really going to do for your business? Check out these reasons why mobile is a game-changer for the retail industry.

Why your offline store needs a Mobile App

If you’ve got a successful store already, it is quite natural to want to take over the world a little bit. Extending your reach only seems natural — once you know you can run one store, why not two? The next natural step for you entrepreneurial brick and mortar shop owners is to have a second online store. And while it is a smart move, The process of taking it offline might sound tedious and something that takes time. But setting up an online store is made simpler by technological innovations. And Taking an offline store online is hugely beneficial when you think about it and have a plan before you set anything up.

If you’re not thinking about adding an online store into the mix, whether you’ve been in the retail business for a few months or many long years, here’s why you need one

It’s Easy:

Search engines allow users to find exactly what they’re looking for anywhere, anytime. With Yelo, you can manage your catalogue dynamically. See instant changes on your app and website. Offering a merchandise on your app that suits your customer’s lifestyle and needs, can transform their purchase experience and boost your sales considerably. Some businesses that have successfully gone digital are Warby Parker,  Tesla  and  Target have done so by replicating a few key elements of the bricks-and-mortar experience.

It’s endless:

Extend your business to wide geographical location. There is no limit to local foot traffic. Now you can sell globally and attract the new audience. Walmart has skyrocketed in sales from the launch of their mobile app, known as the Savings Catcher, which offers price-matching and discounts. Not only did they acquire new customers, they let the loyal ones be confident that they have received the best deal, you still keep them coming back with incentives.

It’s exciting:

mobile app  allows consumers to be more engaged with your brand. Cosmetic giant  Sephora  allows app users to test out products without putting any real makeup. Urban Outfitters created their app which lets you earn rewards while you shop. Some Apps on just signing up gives consumers a 10% off coupon. Some on scanning their code at checkout automatically enter them into a contest to win $100 gift card. This provides a fun, enjoyable experience at your store that gives your brand a personality.

Everyone’s got it:

It’s no longer just larger companies like Macy’s and Nordstrom, that are going the app way but small to medium-sized businesses as well. As cliche as this may sound, your competitors have an app for their shops. Consumers are looking for more retail stores that have mobile access than those who do not, just because going in store and looking for products is one-dimensional and your customers want more. Going on  Mobile App  is now mandatory for small business growth.

It’s satisfactory:

Home Depot  has increased customer satisfaction by adopting a location-based strategy, providing easy access to building materials and supplies; essentially becoming the nation’s local hardware store. Its online experience offers the best of both worlds: Users can instantly see available inventory across all stores and select whether to purchase online and have it shipped to their homes, or they can purchase online and designate items they need immediately to be picked up at the store.Collaborative forum features can help create a community around your company too, driving a positive association and dialogue that takes your brand from good to great.

Begin trial today! Yelo is packaged with all the features to bring your business online.

Give your business a big boost, retain your valued customers, and stand out amongst your competitors.

Begin trial today. Yelo is packaged with all the features to bring your business online.

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