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How YouChange Empowers Its Online Presence With Panther – A brief Case Study

By Zeba Yasmeen 1st April 2021

YouChange is your one-stop online financial planning and coaching platform. You can get all the required financial advice straight from the industry’s experts there. The services extend from offering a walkthrough to financial planning, financial coaching, support, and financial accountability. In this case study, you will get to know what all challenges YouChange was facing. Also, you will get to know how Panther came into the scenario a solution.

Let us discuss how YouChange discovers a better version of itself by getting technically mentored and supported by a robust online consultancy platform- “Panther”. 

Major Growth Challenges Faced By YouChange

Here is the list of enlisted hardships faced by YouChange while getting live in the market. 

1. No or incompetent platforms to launch business online

Before getting in touch with Panther, it was difficult for the YouChange team to narrow down an online marketplace that can complement their business ideology. They were looking for an online consultancy platform where they can establish the first point of contact with their customers. 

2. Tough to target different screen devices using single portal 

In times of digital evolution, it is hard to stick to a single digital platform. YouChange wishes to target all their potential users that could be available on different platforms. However, in the inception phase of setting up their business, they were in search of a platform that can complement the various  screens available in the market. 

3. Tough to manage overbooking

Another hurdle that they faced was to manage the overbookings. Also they wanted to avoid the time lapping of the appointments. Once they started in the market, they were happy with the overwhelming response but at the same time, they found them vulnerable to mess up with the overbookings and mismanagement in scheduling the appointments. They already had so much on their plate. 

4. Tough to create in-personal connection through virtual consultancy 

For every business, it is essential to establish a connection with its  audiences. While starting with a digital platform, YouChange team found it tough to maintain and retain a healthy and nurturing in-personal virtual connection with their first- time connectors. 

5. Trouble in creating/ managing the huge database

Though it takes a certain amount of time for them to reach the desired position, the hardships still continued. After getting a decent amount of databases, another struggle was to manage and create a systematic database relevant for business growth. 

Solutions Offered By Panther

YouChange found Panther- a complete platform that served as a single platform to meet their day-to-day operational needs. Here is a glimpse of the solutions Panther offered to them. 

Single Platform to support multi-functions

As desired by the client(YouChange), Panther has in-built characteristics to support multi-level functions such as booking, consultancy, support and many more. This makes it a suitable place to launch the business and interact with the customers. The platform complimented the ideology of the business in every manner. 

Multi-screen compatible app 

Panther gets the full mark when we talk about multi-device compatibility. The existing mobile compatible dashboard served to make the app accessible to every available screen in the market. Henceforth, there was no glitch to let a customer leave the app- when it comes to ask about the screen compatibility. 

Automated bookings as per consultant time-slot availability

Panther completely supports the automated appointment booking, scheduling and rescheduling process. The customer can only book through the available time-slot, making it convenient for the consultant to schedule his/her appointments accordingly. 

Offers high-quality video, audio and text consultation

To ensure that YouChange established an instant and warm relationship with their customers from their first interaction, Panther offered various modes to go ahead with the virtual consultations. Furthermore, the platform supported video, audio and text consultations to make it easier and convenient for the consultants and the customers to warmly e-connect.

Power-packed data reports

Another feather in the cap was to offer power packed data reports that could be easily stored and accessed anytime through the admin panel. This helps in offering an upper hand to metric understanding of the business. In addition, it helped in predicting and evaluating the performance graph of YouChange. 

Impeccable Difference Panther created to YouChange 

While we sign off, we would like to highlight the visible and countable results created by Panther in YouChange operational vertical.

  • YouChange was able to go for a swift online transition to a desired and feature-rich online consultancy platform.
  • Smart and engaging outreaching to the potential audiences through a single platform
  • 10x increase in entertaining bookings without overlapping with the existing ones. It plays a major role in retaining maximum customers.
  • An effective engagement and higher satisfaction of customers was achieved through smart practices. 
  • Panther allowed it to go for less paperwork and offered a vivid analytical insight to predict and evaluate the performance of YouChange in its initial phase. 

And the list continues with more revenue – driven results. 

Panther- Adding value to your business 

Designed by passion and built for professionals- Panther gives you a golden chance to set up your online consulting business in easy steps. With minimal efforts required, this no-code required set-up can be your virtual office for real. What makes Panther different from others is the human touch in the consultancy platform. You can go for a pre-built platform or can hand-picked the customizations to complement your consultancy services. 

To know how Panther can scale up your business, get in touch with us.

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