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Subway UK Franchise Adopts New Technology to Overcome Daily Operational Challenges

By Aastha Malhotra 13th October 2021
Subway optimizes daily operations with Tookan

Tookan is an end-to-end solution for all delivery problems. For real-time tracking, task automation, behaviour monitoring with smart analytics, Tookan is the right delivery management software for your delivery business needs.

The Subway Franchise operation in the United Kingdom couldn’t agree more. Subway is an American fast-food restaurant franchise that sells the best submarine sandwiches, salads and beverages. This franchise was initially only a mall outlet; however, they aspired to start delivery services. In order to do so, they trusted Tookan with the technology to ensure smooth functioning of their daily operations. 

When one starts an online delivery service, it requires a structural base. While talking about requirements, the Subway UK franchise wanted a delivery management software that facilitated easy delivery tracking, daily and up-to-date notifications of each delivery task, automated alerts, defined operational delivery areas for each agent, and task and agent monitoring.

To fulfil all their requirements and go beyond, Tookan helped to overcome their day to day business challenges by providing the following features:

Real-time Tracking: 

Real-time tracking plays a crucial role in the food delivery business. With Tookan, Subway determines the live location of each order. It keeps them as well as the customer updated if the cause of delay is traffic congestions, accidents, or bad weather conditions.

Behaviour Monitoring

Delivery agents are the key point of communication between a company and its customers. Subway monitors their agents’ behaviour in real-time as Tookan keeps track of your fleet’s end-to-end driving behaviour from idling vehicle time, rash driving & much more.

Easy Navigation

The efficiency of delivery agents depends on how easily they reach their destinations, i.e., without any road obstacles. In order to increase this efficiency, Tookan aids the Subway delivery agents by providing the shortest and easy to travel routes.

Task Notification

With Tookan’s custom notifications, Subway can communicate directly with the managers, dispatch partners and customers. Instant notification updates help to keep the customer in the loop and gain their confidence. 

Smart Analytics

Tookan generates graphical reports of tracking information so that managers can analyse all delivery orders’ performance and take corrective measures. Performance tracking based on statistical data allows Subway to enhance their operations and improve decision making. 


Subway wanted to define the operational delivery areas for each agent. For this purpose, Geofencing created multiple location clusters. This allowed delivery agents to deliver the maximum number of orders in minimal time and cost. Therefore, Subway UK franchise was able to increase its driver’s productivity.

Tookan team aims to make your business cycle highly efficient and productive. With Tookan features, this can definitely turn into reality. Try Tookan for your Business today to build your success story.

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