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How will Google Maps Update Disrupt the On-demand Industry?

By Parnicka Agarrwal 6th November 2020

Google Maps Update is what everyone in on-demand delivery business is talking about. Here’s why: Unlike the rest of the economy, on-demand delivery companies experienced tremendous growth during the Covid-19 pandemic. Where customers shied away from stepping outside their houses, the success of these on-demand platforms skyrocketed. However, this boom in demand was easily captured by big businesses that were already prepared with digital transformation and had the technology to cater to online demand. The relatively smaller companies found it harder to ride the wave of increased demands because of delays in digitally transforming their businesses and receiving online orders. 

Google decided to step into this flourishing sector, and small businesses seem set to benefit the most from the arrival of the behemoth into the landscape. Eli Danziger, Group Product Manager for Google Maps Platform said, “At the same time, on-demand deliveries have grown exponentially since the pandemic began–going from a convenience to a necessity for many consumers.”

Let’s learn more about this new Google Maps Platform solution and how it is going to impact the on-demand software market.

What’s Google Maps Platform On-demand Rides & Deliveries Solution?

On October 22, 2020, Google Maps Platform announced the launch of its On-demand Rides and Deliveries solution. The solution is geared towards taking care of navigational, routing, and dispatching needs of on-demand delivery and ride-sharing businesses. It means these businesses can now use Google Maps Platform for delivery and integrate a large number of Google Maps features and functionalities into their applications.

This isn’t Google’s first collaborative effort with on-demand platforms. In 2018 they extended similar offerings for ride-sharing apps, which have a lot in common with on-demand delivery apps. The solution was accepted well within the ride-sharing industry, and even customers appreciate the increase in reliability and accuracy of apps using the API.

Building upon the success of the previous solution, and the booming on-demand delivery industry, this launch makes a lot of sense. It has something to offer to customers, businesses, and drivers alike. Before we discuss the potential impact of the solution, let’s have a quick look at what’s in it for all the parties involved.

Empowers Customers

Eli said, “The experience begins when the customer opens the app to request a ride or order a delivery. This is a critical moment for a customer–if they don’t have the info they need, there’s a good chance they won’t complete the booking or the order.” The statement strikes a chord with on-demand delivery businesses since most have had their fair share of struggle with retention rates.

The proposed solution would provide the customer with all the relevant information even before placing the order. It would include Routes Preferred, driver’s ETA, and even the estimated price of the delivery based on various conditions. The more info the customer has, the more certain they are going to be about the service, and higher will be the chances of them going through with the order.

Strengthens Business’s Capabilities

Connecting Google Maps Update with delivery platforms would make it easier for businesses to assign the right drivers for specific tasks. Nearby Drivers would dispatch closest and available drivers for the trip, facilitating efficient operations. Most of us are familiar with this feature from using ride-sharing apps.

Another advantage of on-demand delivery businesses is going to be the availability of real-time insights. The solution would account for dynamic conditions on the road with Time & Order Progress. This kicks the guessing game out of the equation, and businesses would find it easier to stick to their side of the bargain.

Hassle-free Experience for Drivers

Traditionally, the driver apps from on-demand platforms haven’t been so good at making life easier for drivers. The poor navigation interface and high latency often leave drivers with no option but to switch to a reliable and resourceful app for navigation, i.e., Google Maps.

With the launch of this Google Map Update, the drivers in the future using integrated Google Maps driver apps would no longer have to switch between the on-demand apps and Google Maps. They would be able to keep distractions away by using just one app and leverage In-app Navigation and other features to complete their trips on time.

How will Google Maps Update Impact the On-Demand Industry?

The features offered by Google Maps Update aren’t revolutionary in terms of tech. All of us are pretty much used to such features. Perhaps we are using them a little less because of the lockdown, but are familiar with them. However, the solution could level the playing field for on-delivery businesses, thus sowing the seeds of revolution in the industry.

As mentioned earlier, it’s just the deep-pocketed ventures that can offer similar features. They usually have a dedicated team of developers to take care of such things. But smaller startups don’t have this luxury. They struggle to manage the available resources between the core service and the technical nuance. For such businesses, connecting Google Maps with an ordering platform is as mouth-watering a prospect as any.

Google Maps is without a doubt, the best service for navigation and routing. It has improved over the years to reach the current version we are using. 

What’s in it for Jungle Works and You?

Navigation and routing is just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to an on-demand delivery app. You can either try collecting and putting together the rest of the pieces or leave it up to JungleWorks to take care of your on-demand delivery app.

We, at Jungleworks, have been already providing our customers with efficient solutions for their on-demand businesses. We are definitely going to leverage this opportunity to make Google Maps Platform one of the most efficient features from our offerings. If you are thinking about connecting Google Maps update with your delivery business, then Jungleworks is the ideal means to do so. We let you forget about all the technical nuances so that you can focus on your business and its growth.

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