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How can you build and improve your deliveries using Google Maps latest update for On-demand businesses?

By Tanvir Singh 4th November 2020

Google Maps focuses on Delivery and on-demand business. Here is what you need to know:

On-demand deliveries and rides is a tremendously growing market with a potential to grow more in the coming decades. And this market is targeted by google to be the first and best service provider. When it comes to delivery, routes and maps are very integral to the process. From every turn on route to live traffic conditions, from landmarks to ETA calculation, businesses need more precise information today to increase their operational efficiency and reduce cost.

 Google Maps knows the potential of the delivery market and is working to improve maps to cater this growing segment. Recently, Google Maps announced a new limited availability On-demand Rides & Deliveries solution. Owing to Covid, there was already a surge in on-demand businesses and Google grabbed the opportunity to introduce its new solutions built upon existing APIs to further serve the market.

What is the new update by Google Maps? How does this Google Maps update help your business?

Google Maps new solution improves the delivery process at every step, right from pickup to drop off location. Here are the major changes that you will experience:

Routes Preferred:

This feature is built upon the  existing Routes APIs to show a driver’s ETA, expected route, and estimated trip prices on a familiar Google map. With Routes Preferred, you have access to key features like two-wheeler routing and customized routes that enable you to optimize for the shortest or fastest path, or lowest cost of tolls.

In-app navigation on Tookan

Nearby Drivers:

Enables you to find the right driver or courier for a trip, which results in faster pickups, more accurate ETAs, and fewer cancelled rides. The most promising update with feature is that it works seamlessly with enhanced In-app Navigation to automatically update driver locations, and find the closest ones to a pickup location with a single API call.

Driver Navigation:

Earlier google map used to switch apps when clicked upon from your app but that is all changes with this new update. Now no more distraction for your driver as google maps now offers In-app navigation.  Also, the customized look and feel including headers, footers, buttons, and markers makes the UI really handson for your riders. What’s more? Navigation, critical ride tasks, and receive alerts all within your app for better results.

Real Time Status:

Real time status of drivers and deliveries is not only important for business owners but customers as well. Google Maps brings to you Trip & Order Progress, where you can keep customers informed from pickup to drop-off or delivery, with a real-time view of a driver’s current position, route, and ETA. 

If you are in an on-demand or rides hailing business this is your chance to build upon the latest features and have a competitive edge in the market. We understand that building upon new technology is not easy and that’s why we bring to you the one stop solution for all your delivery problems: Tookan – a complete delivery management solution for your business. 

With most advanced features in the market like Route optimization, Real-time Tracking, Real-time updates and notifications, Auto-allocation, precise ETAs, demand planning, delivery analytics, Tookan also offers you the flexibility to choose between different maps : Google Maps, FlightMaps or any third party map that you wish to integrate. 

Tookan has empowered thousands of businesses around the globe and will continue to do the same with features that actually solves your delivery challenges.  

So what’s the hold up? Get your free 14 days trial right away. 

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