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How to Build a Fitness Marketplace in Less Than a Day?

By Zeba Yasmeen 12th May 2021

With Covid-19 hitting hard to almost every part of the world’s ecosystem, the fitness industry has learnt to embrace the new normal. If you are among those aspiring entrepreneurs who are on the constant lookout for expanding the scope of your fitness business in the software space, getting a fitness marketplace can be an excellent option to begin with. 

Before we dig further into the stepwise process of building a fitness marketplace, let us discuss the marketplace and its future in the market.

Fitness Marketplace: A brief overview

Conventionally, the market is full of fitness centres, and people use them to avail the services via visiting those centres. But due to COVID-19 restrictions and prolonged lockdown, these physical centres are shut down. 

To continue offering fitness consultation to the people, many fitness centres have started shifting to the marketplace concept. It helps to connect with the relevant set of customers through a specific app and web. 

Why will a fitness marketplace be an excellent fit for today’s situation?

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Several factors play an integral role in allowing fitness centers to bloom to shift to the digital platforms via the fitness marketplace. A few of them are:

  1. Easy connecting of trainers to customers with a few taps on the app.
  2. The virtual training session accessible to all without worrying about stepping out of the home.
  3. Maintaining the momentum of adding fitness quotients among the users.
  4. It allows fitness trainers to carry out their earnings without getting impacted by the stretched lockdown.
  5. Providing access to fitness training to the people who are entitled inside the four walls of their homes.
  6. Lowering down the overall operational cost of running a full-fledged fitness center.

How to create a fitness marketplace?

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Are you up for driving innovation and enter the new territory of digital-ready fitness? Here is how to begin and what things should be kept in mind while you start building a fitness marketplace

  1. Get the SaaS platform
  2. Get the technical experts on board
  3. Target the right audiences
  4. Own your brand story
  5. Connect with your customers/target base

Step 1: Choosing the SaaS Platform 

A powerful SaaS platform can help you cover half of the marathon to establish a digital fitness marketplace. There are the following features that you should notice while you decide on a SaaS platform. From customization of the marketplace to get the required APIs, get a SaaS platform covering all the touchpoints. The scalable platform that can help you to get third party integration quickly can be a great fit to make your marketplace- a place for all. Before you sign up for a specific SaaS platform, make sure you get a complete overview of all the exclusions and inclusions of the platform. It will help in ensuring that you are on the right track. 

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Step 2: Get the technical experts on board

To make sure you get all the boxes at the right place, it is always advised to keep the industry’s experts at your side. If you choose to go ahead with the tech experts who can help you to sustain your digital transition journey, you can find yourself at a safer place. It  will be an added advantage to kickstart with a robust SaaS platform. 

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Step 3: Target the right audiences

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The market is full of opportunities. Have you ever thought about why only a few in the competition manage to succeed and own these opportunities while others fail to sustain? The answer is simple. The ones who tend to crack the algorithm of the market’s demand at the right time creates history. And rest remains the part of the crowd. If you wish to edge your competitors, you need to learn how to make the magic. Understanding the target audiences and pitching them in the right way can help you go longer than others. 

Step 4: Own your brand story

We believe that every brand has its own voice that makes it different and unique from others. A fitness marketplace that can echo your brand story can help you to resonate with the business existence. Getting a perfect pitch to begin and creating a brand story by owning the end to end customization of your fitness marketplace should be there in your list. It will help you to create a marketplace that can stand out in the crowd. 

Step 5: Get the communication channels sorted

Another big thing to add to the list is to connect with the customers at the ground level. A perfect communication channel can help you to make your marketplace vulnerable to engage with your customers. For example, choosing the Panther as your marketplace partner can help you to connect via video or audio consultation. This can be a huge breakthrough that can sustain and retain your customers for the longer run. 

For those who are not aware- Panther supports various types of consultations:

  1. Audio Consultation
  2. Video Consultation
  3. Text Consultation 

Wrapping Up

Every fitness marketplace needs a software that can fill the gaps and can smartly address the pain points of launching and running a digital fitness center. If you are looking for a ready-made consultation marketplace where you can add customizations as per your brand voice, feel free to connect with our Panther team.  

Your best in the business is yet to come! Let us discover it together.

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