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How To Make Best Use Of Yelo Through Integrations

By Vikrant Kaushal 14th June 2021

“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.”

-Jimmy Johnson

All the hyperlocal marketplaces are similar and work in the same way. Yet some become unicorns while others struggle to grow. If you want to put in that little extra, it comes in the form of extensions. The integrations make your business automatic and faster for you while making the customer experience more convenient and pleasing. With Yelo, you create your dream hyperlocal marketplace. You connect your customers and merchants on a platform and facilitate them for a commission. 

Listed below are some of the most important integrations that you get along with your Yelo.

Introduction To Integrations

Yelo integrations are the APIs available for you to automate your fulfillment process, provide customers with better experience and provide you a competitive edge over your competitors.

What are APIs?

API stands for Application Programming Interface. 

It is a software intermediary that allows two applications to communicate with one another. You utilise an API every time you use an app like Facebook, send an instant message, or check the weather on your phone. In the case of Yelo, you get access to 500+ such integrations to make this experience seamless.

But which ones should you choose for your business? How will they help your use case? Let’s explore important categories of integrations available with Yelo.

  1. Delivery Management System
  2. Payment Gateway
  3. Point of Sale
  4. Rewards, Wallets and Gift Cards
  5. Invoice
  6. CRM
  7. SMS, email and chat
  8. Facebook Store Integration
  9. Google Analytics
  10. Recurring Tasks
  11. Custom Order
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Delivery Management System

A delivery management system or distribution management system is a platform that digitizes your market’s logistic operations like task allocation, dispatching, route planning, vehicle tracking, etc. Its ability to track fleet in real-time, understand traffic and weather patterns, ensures high levels of visibility, and reduces the cost per mile. It also enhances the customer experience by generating accurate ETA’s and eliminating the chances of delay.

Choosing the right DMS is of utmost importance for a hyperlocal marketplace like Yelo where delivery is of primary importance. The food, grocery, or service needs to be delivered at the earliest, thus minimizing the processing time and allocating it to the concerned person can help in customer delight.

A perfect example of DMS in the hyperlocal marketplace is Dominos, their whole campaign ran around a delivery time of 30 min. If they can’t deliver pizza in 30 min, it is to be delivered free. You can also do the same by opting for Tookan from integrations. If you already have a DMS, Yelo also allows you to integrate them with itself.

Payment Gateway

A payment gateway is an online service that allows you to make and receive payments. You can consider it as a metaphorical cash register in an online transaction. The most popular of them are Paypal, Stripe, Razorpay and Paytm. Yelo offers over 100 payment gateway integrations so that you can receive payments from all around the globe.

Point of Sale (POS)

Many merchants believe that payment gateway and Point of Sale are the same but this can’t be far from true. Like payment gateways, POS systems are used to accept credit and debit card payments. However, they are internet-based and operated solely by the merchant, with no direct input of the information by the customer. The purpose of a POS system setup is to improve sales and profits by keeping track of all transactions at the retail store. These systems are also responsible for keeping the business data well-managed and ensuring that you don’t miss any transaction records.

Rewards, Wallets and Gift Cards

There is a reason why rewards, wallets, and gift cards are very popular in the retail business. Every time a customer gets a reward or gift card, he gets a shot of dopamine in his brain, which gives him a feeling of achievement. This is the same chemical responsible for alcohol and gambling addiction. In the marketplace, This motivates him to make more purchases to earn more rewards.

Providing the rewards in the wallet will ensure that the rewards will be redeemed only on your platform thus generating you revenue.

Providing gift cards to customers on their birthdays and special occasions, can improve brand loyalty.

For enabling this extension, you first need to enable a payment extension.


Although Yelo enables you to generate and customize your invoice, Yet Xero can help you with accounting and creating invoices for every order more efficiently and effectively.


CRM or customer relationship management is one of the most important aspects of business that need to be focused on if you want to be successful. Yelo comes with free CRM integrations named Bulbul, enabling you to bring data from the user’s Yelo store, including customers, orders, and products, into the Bulbul platform. It gathers all customers’ data in one place and helps you provide value to the customer. You may interact with your customers through SMS, email or calls. You may generate leads from chat support systems as well.

Best part about Bulbul is that you can perform all these just by downloading the Bulbul app on your phone.

SMS/ email/ chat

To stay connected to your customers, Bulbul enables you to send SMS and email. There are other integrations as well that Yelo provides you especially for SMS in case you don’t want to integrate Bulbul. For SMS & email marketing, you can integrate Bumbl. In case you already have an SMS API like Exotel or Unifonic, you can integrate them as well.

Yelo provides your platform with a chat support system, Hippo. Hippo can enable your platform with the client-admin, merchant-admin, and client-merchant chats. 

Facebook Shops

By integrating your platform with Facebook, you can integrate your platform with Facebook pages. This would allow you to add products from your store to FB shops

Having a store on social media platforms not only generates sales but also build your brand awareness and brand association. It develops an audience and facilitates you to solve queries instantaneously. 

Yelo is working on integrating with other social media platforms too like Instagram and Pinterest.

Google Analytics

Yelo’s analytics provide you with in-depth insights about the orders, customers, and their engagement yet google analytics can be integrated with your platform to track every click on your website. You can check traffic sources, their demography, and behavior, and take the next steps for promotion accordingly.

Recurring Tasks

Recurring tasks integration enables your customers to schedule delivery for a particular time in the future. As the name suggests it enables platform tasks(orders) to recur, thus enabling customers to subscribe to products. You can enable particular stores and items to be subscribed to and delivered at a predetermined time. This is useful for various products like pantries, dairy, groceries, etc. It can enable your laundry business to provide services on a regular basis as well as restaurants on your platform to provide tiffin service to the customers.

Custom Order:

Custom order integration allows your customers to place their orders at their convenience. They can order whatever they want. In the case of food delivery, they can ask for a special kind of cake or dish. For pharmacy, they can ask for medicine that is not generally available, for laundry they can ask for a tent, and so on. 

How this works is that customers click on a phone icon on the banner panel and they can provide the admin with details of what they want by filling the form. They have to fill in details regarding the order, pickup, and delivery. As an admin, you get a notification for the same and you have to define the cost for that order. The customer gets the cost information and he wants to proceed with the defined amount, the order is placed successfully. 


The integrations are key to make your business stand out from the rest. Yelo provides you over 500 integrations, which is more than any other SaaS provider. Most of them are free. Why not take advantage of these integrations? You can explore them and enable the ones that best suit your business model or contact your product manager for the same.

Still wondering to open your online marketplace, book your 14 days free trial with Yelo now.


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