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How to increase customer engagement for your small business

By Abhishek Goel 18th January 2022

What precisely do you see in a potential customer or a user that lands on your website? A legitimate hot lead? A person with the most relevant use case? Understanding your user and their journey in greater depth can guarantee that the way you handle them benefits your business rather than hinders it. Increasing customer engagement is the way forward. 

But, what exactly is customer engagement? What is the significance of customer engagement? What are the most effective strategies to increase customer engagement with your brand? Learn more about customer involvement with our comprehensive guide.

customer engagement

What is customer engagement?

Customer engagement may be defined in a variety of ways, but in its simplest form, it is the emotional connection that exists between a brand and a customer. When you assess a company’s customer involvement, you’re ultimately assessing the depth of that relationship.

Why is customer engagement important?

Customer engagement is critical for a number of reasons. Most importantly, when people are deeply involved with your brand, they will buy more, be more loyal, and be more inclined to recommend your product or your services. You may be passing up opportunities to communicate with your consumers and build a deeper relationship with them if you do not have a customer engagement plan in place.

How to increase customer engagement for small businesses?

It might be difficult to come up with innovative strategies to keep a lively connection with your customers and to consistently provide excellent assistance in order to sustain this critical business relationship. And the bigger you become, the more difficult it is to maintain. However, keeping customers interested does not have to be difficult! All you need are certain basic tactics and the correct tools to assist you.

  1. Provide an omnichannel customer experience: 

Having omnichannel communication with your customers on your online store is a must. Customers prefer different channels for different reasons as per their convenience. Ensure that you provide the right platform and opt for a smarter way to talk with your customers and keep them in the loop.  Engage with your customers across multiple channels like app notifications, web notifications, SMS, call, WhatsApp, etc.

Further, as an entrepreneur, you can analyze user behavior to acquire valuable insights about your client base and improve your service to convert casual transactions into long-term bonds.

customer engagement
  1. Personalize customer experience:

Create a unique, personalized experience for each customer. Based on user engagement with your platform, display appropriate content texts and images on your online marketplace. You may also design distinct page layouts for different customer categories. Further, the performance can be measured, iterated, and improved accordingly.

Increase user engagement by using a data-driven strategy across the customer lifecycle.

To discover areas for improvement, track the effectiveness of campaigns, product statistics, and channel performance from a single dashboard.

  1. Focus on customer value management:

Maximize customer lifetime value by employing diverse tactics and strategies that are best suited to various stages of the customer lifecycle. This will assist your online business in increasing sales and keeping customers loyal to your brand.

  1. Pay attention to analytics:

Gather insights into your whole customer journey in order to determine the assets that perform best. Using analytics to boost customer engagement is a tested strategy that you should consider for your online small business. Customer engagement may be measured using a variety of indicators, including usage frequency and active users.

  1. Conversational support:

Maintaining communication with your customers is crucial. With deep, secure integrations and thorough conversational support, interact with your prospects in an easy way. Automatic chat assistance and live chats can help your local business to engage better with your customers and address their queries firsthand. 

customer engagement
  1. Humanize your brand:

It helps to sound human when dealing with customers. Avoid using stiff, too formal language and instead talk in a plain, accessible manner. But it’s also crucial not to go too far in the opposite direction and come out as patronizing, dishonest, or snarky. Find the sweet spot where your clients truly love talking with your firm, even if they have a complaint or a problem with the product.

  1. Reward engagement:

You may need to elevate your game if you want real dedication and devotion from your consumers. Set up a rewards program for your consumers. Sales teams and partners are not the only ones that benefit from incentive programs. Having a customer incentive program in place will undoubtedly assist to maintain engagement strong. Loyalty programs can prove quite efficient in such cases. 

  1. Get their feedback and ideas:

Customers are excellent sources of information on your product, service, and relationship. They will have critical knowledge on what is good, terrible, and everything in between.


To ensure the success of your online business – and to boost loyalty, usage, engagement, and customer recommendations – you must prioritize customer engagement and develop and implement a good communication and engagement plan.

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