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How to Create a Delivery App?

By Vishal Thakur 5th January 2023

Here are the steps to create a delivery app

  • 1. Planning of the process
  • 2. Cost-Effectiveness is the Key to Generating Revenue
  • 3. Identify Your Business Model
  • 4. User Acquisition and Retention

The delivery sector is one of the only sectors that was booming during the coronavirus pandemic and it has not stopped since. Every business wants to build delivery app for their business. In the UK, the delivery business has grown by 11.5% while restaurants struggle to keep their doors open.

This has created a huge demand to create your own delivery app concept for many businesses.

Building your own app can take you a lot of hard work and expertise. You are not going to end up with writing a code, there is a lot more to make it a success. From building a product to launching it to your target audience, you have to take care of not only the code, but testing, marketing, sales, finance, etc.

Creating a delivery app requires planning, you have to identify your business model, cost, acquisition and retention before you start building an app as it will help you reach your potential customers.

Well, this blog will take you through each and everything you need to create delivery app. Before we discuss that, let me tell you why you should build a delivery app?

Why Should You Create a Delivery App?

create delivery app

People are going online as businesses are closing their offices and shops. Massive demand and popularity for various apps are seen throughout the lockdown time. During the COVID-19 epidemic, on-demand delivery applications have witnessed substantial growth due to a rapid spike in demand for daily utilities and essentials.

The mobile app revenues are estimated to exceed USD$ 600 billion, with on-demand customers spending almost USD$ 55 billion.  

On-demand delivery apps are a great way to centralize your business’s operations, expedite turnaround time (TAT), and improve customer experience, whether you’re into B2B or B2C. 

Here’s the visual representation of why you should create a delivery app?

Flow chat of why you should create a delivery app

Having an on-demand delivery app gives you a competitive advantage and allows you to compete in the market. Now the question arises, how to create a delivery app? Well, we have got your back!

How to Create Your Own Delivery App?

How to Create a Delivery App?

The delivery app business is one of the most lucrative business segments for entrepreneurs to invest in. If you are looking to build delivery app, here’s how you can start:

1. It takes a lot of planning to build delivery a app

An immediate thing to keep in mind is that delivery app development needs 3 segments to start with: the consumer version of the delivery software, the restaurant version, and the delivery agent version of the delivery software. 

Each version has its own considerations and features that require detailed planning and mapping of requirements. It could be live-order tracking, a variety of payment options, smooth delivery execution – there are a number of features to explore.

Using a delivery app builder to create your own delivery app that has in-built features and extensive knowledge of working with different online delivery software companies makes this stage of building your business that much smoother.

2. Cost-Effectiveness is the Key to Generating Revenue

Generating revenue from a delivery business is challenging when you are first starting out. It requires market analysis at a local level so that you are saving on your money till you figure out a model that works for you. Article : How to Build an On Demand delivery App? to know in detail about it.

Some online delivery software companies such as UberEats, Zomato, etc. use premium subscriptions such as Zomato Gold in order to make money and provide premium benefits to others. Delivery apps such as Swiggy charge their customers a fee for every delivery.

Those companies that are just starting out usually opt to charge the restaurants a fee in exchange for marketing their restaurant. 

As you brainstorm to know how to make a demand delivery app, you need to figure out which model works for you.

It also helps to buy a delivery app from platforms such as Tookan when you start out instead of developing one from scratch since the product and its features will be available to you at much lower rates. 

Create a Delivery App with Tookan

3. Identify Your Business Model While You Start to Create a Delivery App

When you create a grocery delivery app or a food delivery software, you need to keep in mind the type of business model you will be adopting for your business. There are two types of business models:

  • Aggregator: This model refers to third-party companies that connect restaurants and the consumers. Zomato is a good example of such a model
  • Logistics software: These apps support restaurants with Logistics. Swiggy and UberEats are examples of this model. 

During your food delivery app development, consider which model is better suited to you and design your software and marketing accordingly. This gives you clarity of the process of how to create your own delivery app instantly.

build delivery app

4. User Acquisition and Retention

The success of really any business depends on its customers and repeat business reinforces how good your business model is.

Starting locally, marketing through social media and word-of-mouth, providing great benefits and offers to restaurants and consumers alike will ensure your users are hooked onto your app.

Your delivery management app can also play a huge role in this area. While you make your food delivery app, insights through data can help enhance your business. Hence, you can easily go ahead with the process of how to create your own delivery app with perfection.

On-demand food delivery app builder use technologies such as route optimization, location intelligence, geo-mapping, etc. that helps you track, identify and address potential challenges to your business while making your business more cost-effective, user-friendly and technologically best-in-class.

Are you at a delivery app development stage? Our delivery app builder Tookan can help your business grow and save you a lot of time and money.

Create Delivery App

Why is Tookan a Good Start?

Tookan is a delivery management software that takes care of your online food delivery software needs. With advanced features such as geo-fencing, route optimization, and agent scheduling, Tookan’s delivery software saves time. Moreover, it also avoids hours spent manually devising accurate logistics plans.

Companies like Swiggy, Burger King, and Pizza Hut trust Tookan’s delivery app builder for their business. 

Know how to make an on-demand delivery app on Tookan today! We help you to overcome common challenges that might come while you begin to create your own delivery app.

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