Create an Ordering App for any Business

Be it Food, Grocery, Pharma, Apparel or Flower and Cake an Online Ordering app is a must-have!

  • Powerful Native Apps

    Native apps for both iOS and android to facilitate customer ordering on the go.

  • Custom Domain

    We allow you to connect your own custom domain for your online marketplace website.

  • Unlimited Transactions

    You will never be charged for the number of transactions in your marketplace.

  • Jungleworks

    Powerful Native Apps

    Native apps for both iOS and android to facilitate customer ordering on the go.

  • Jungleworks

    Custom Domain

    We allow you to connect your own custom domain for your online marketplace website.

  • Live Order Management

    Unlimited Transactions

    You will never be charged for the number of transactions in your marketplace.

  • create ordering app

    Real-time tracking

    Track real time, Optimize routes and schedules and resource allocation in one centralized view.

  • create ordering app

    Powerful Analytics

    Analyze data and reports to improve and optimize performance of fleets and drivers.

  • create online ordering app

    Notifications & Alerts

    Stay updated by tracking orders with customized alerts and resolve issues proactively.

How to make an Ordering app in 4 Easy Steps?

Choose your desired app name and theme. Your app name and theme should be both very unique and clear to your value proposition. Add a list of ordering shops for your customers. Your variety of orders will turn out to be a role deciding factor in the long run. Choose from the industry-leading features. Choose the best features available today in the industry to make a state-of-the-art app. Get your app published on app stores instantly. Reach out to your audience by publishing your app on public app stores.

Must-Have Features for an Ordering App

Login/ Signup - Enable users to log in and signup using one click, shortening the registration process. Marketplace - 2-way platform where the customers meet available stores and place an order directly. Secure Payments - Give users all leading available payment gateways while offering security to each payment. Loyalty cards and Coupons- Reach out to your clients with push notifications; this could be a great way to communicate offers to your customers any time of the day. Admin Panel- A dashboard, which acts as a bird's eye view, enables you to manage the overall functionality on your platform. Ratings- Ratings help users feel valued by the platform and allow the admin to curate their offering regularly. Driver/ Order Tracking- Tracking the pinpoint location of customers order with an ETA, increase reliability and trust in the app.

What do Customers want in a Good Ordering App?

With increasing competition in the field, customers expect a state-of-the-art app with additional differentiated features in the app.

Easy to Use

Keep it simple; keep it elegant. User hates a complicated UI, no matter how attractive it looks. Most importantly, while designing the front UI for your customer keep in mind the demographics of your target audience, for example, if your app is made for the senior citizen, it should have bold fonts and much easy to navigate UI.

Fast and intuitive

An optimised app with quick loading can be a game-changer in the market and act as a differentiator. Also, it should take care of the intuitive actions of the user, enabling them to reduce learning time for a new app.

Choices of Payment

Having multiple options of payment undeniably expands the geographical reach of your app, along with the ease of ordering.

What are the benefits of building an ordering app with Jungleworks?

The Ordering app from JungleWorks is unique and favoured by entrepreneurs because of the following reasons.

Make an Ordering App in Minutes. No Coding Required. Your Ordering Apps will be published on Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App store by our experts. Get real-time analytics of your business to track and make changes in your app to increase your audience and stay relevant in the markets.

You can kick start your delivery service app for a store, restaurant or any kind of shop which deals in ordering business (Cake, apparel, food, grocery, etc.). Users will be able to order from the app itself from a store of their choice after the order is placed, the store will get a notification for the customer’s order along with the administrator.

Customer App

Customer App should have the following features:

Registration: Customers sign up directly from the app and create a unique id automatically. Marketplace: Marketplace is a collection of all stores at one place so that a customer can choose from the options available. Ordering Cart: All the orders will be stored here. Payment gateways: Increase the convenience of your customers by integrating popular payment gateways in your app. History: Ability to track and choose from previous orders

Store Owner App

The store owner should essentially have the following features in the app.

Web Admin: A portal to view new orders and details of delivery and stock maintenance. Notifications: Receiving and delivering an order should be done by notifications. Menu Edit: Add/ delete items while maintaining the quantity of each item. Rating: Customers should be able to rate merchants based on their satisfaction level. Featured Listing: A great alternate way of generating revenue for your business.

If you start from scratch, developing all these features will take a huge amount of resources- both time and cost. Start with off the shelf products from Junglework and launch your app in minutes.

Case Study - Fatafat

create ordering app

Fatafat is a leading on-demand ordering and delivering service app, that provides customers whatever they want, whenever they want. Their USP lies in serving to the hybrid and customised needs of the customers, which only Fatafat does right now.

Key features of Fatafat App:

Marketplace- A collection of all stores available to the customer to place their order from. User can choose from a wide variety of options and sort stores according to distance, rating etc. ETA- In the marketplace, a customer is able to see the estimated time of arrival for his order, this is a unique and interesting factor that enables the user to place an order according to their need and urgency. Special Offers- Fatafat likes to engage their customers by regularly sending out customised offers to their users on special occasions. These offers can be in the form of discounts, gifts or any complimentary item. Store Locator- A GPS based technology that helps the user locate all available stores near him. Delivery Tracker- Once the order gets placed, user can track their order from the store to their doorstep, they can also connect with the driver for added instructions and know the ETA of their order, this not only brings trust to the platform but also help in building a reputation of the app.