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How to Create a Food Delivery App in 2023

By Zeba Yasmeen 13th October 2022

Are you thinking about creating a food delivery app? Well, now is the ideal time to create your own food delivery app. And you know why? Let’s list down a few of the reasons.

Rising Market Value:

  • The global online food delivery market size is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.4% from 2022 to 2028. 
  • Globally, food delivery mobile applications are on the rise due to the growing number of smartphone and internet users.
  • In addition to that, once the world faced the COVID-19 pandemic, the food delivery market had been growing as intensively as ever before — the worldwide revenue in the online food delivery segment has increased by more than $80M in just one year.
Create a Food Delivery App

A Food Delivery App Makes Ordering Food Fast and Easy:

Firstly, a food ordering app is a time saver for your customers. In today’s time, what the customer demands is convenience. And creating a food delivery app can be quite beneficial in multiple ways. Let’s take a quick look at some numbers:

  • 63% of consumers find ordering food online to be more convenient than eating out.
  • People who order food online visit a respective public catering place 67% more frequently than those who don’t.
  • According to certain pizza chains, consumers spend 18% more when they order via an app.

A good way to expand your business:

Food delivery apps provide huge benefits to restaurants and eateries that deliver their food through them. The use of these apps will allow you to reach a wider audience of customers. And a wider reach means more customers, and more customers means more business. And more business translates into more revenue!

A higher return on investment:

Creating a food delivery app is beneficial on its own as there are multiple monetization models you can opt for. However, if you already have a restaurant and/or shop, you can be sure that, with the right approach, you can expect notable revenue increases.

For example, Domino’s generates 70% of sales through an app and digital channels in general.

Now that we have answered the “why”, let’s move on to “how to create a food delivery app”?

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Step 1: Research & analyze your niche

First things first, start with researching and analyzing your market. Study your competitors, find their strengths and weaknesses, and learn from their mistakes. Researching the market thoroughly allows you to create a better, faster, and more intelligent app. 

Step 2: Select the food delivery model

After conducting thorough market research, the next step is to choose a food delivery model that can meet your business goals as well as customers’ demands. There are two types of food delivery models:

  • Order-Only model
  • Order & Delivery Model

Order-Only model: In this kind of model, the food delivery platforms are responsible for accepting and managing the order. No logistics support is required as the delivery is handled by the restaurant itself. Order-only platforms generate revenue by charging commission fees from the partnered restaurants.

Order & Delivery Model: Delivery platforms are responsible for managing and delivering orders, with logistics support. The delivery is handled by the food delivery platform. The order and delivery model earn money by charging commission fees from the restaurants and delivery fee from the customers.

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Step 3: Choose your app functionality

Before creating your own food delivery app, you should understand its features and APIs. Start by asking yourself what essential features you would like to see. In addition, consider three main agents involved in the process:

  1. CLIENT, who places an order;
  2. RESTAURANT, that prepares the order;
  3. COURIER, who delivers an order.

1. Client’s App

  • Let’s begin with the sign-up process. It should be possible for your customers to create an account, track their order status, and leave feedback. 
  • Restaurants listings, ratings, and reviews for clients to choose from.
  • In-app calls and chat. Allow your customers to chat with restaurants and couriers as well as check their order updates.
  • App Payment system integration. The easier to pay, the better. Try to include as many payment options as possible — PayPal, Google Wallet, Apple Pay, and credit cards.
  • Functionality to place orders right from the restaurant menu. It seems to be a small detail, but yet important for a client-friendly service.

2. Restaurant’s App

  • Sign up page. Create the food delivery app functionality for food businesses to join. The restaurant’s profile should at least include its name, location, menu, business hours, and contact information.
  • Tracking the nearest courier available to deliver orders. Also, make sure your app functionality includes courier tracking at all delivery stages.
  • Cross-interface communication between the restaurant, the courier, and the client.
  • Tracking order status. Restaurants should be able to see upcoming orders, processing orders, and already delivered ones.
  • Content update option for restaurant profiles.
  • Special offers functionality.

3. Courier’s App

  • Sing up. Courier’s profile should include some personal information (location, language, vehicle), rating, and feedback features.
  • Functionality to manage orders and order update status after delivery is completed.
  • Enable courier’s communication with restaurants and clients — to solve some real-time issues and send order status updates.
  • Account history to help showcase the courier’s experience.

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How can Yelo help?

Yelo’s complete technology suite can become the best solution to create your online food delivery platform. If there is any restaurant management software that you should be looking at, it is Yelo. Its high-class, intelligent, and state-of-the-art services make Yelo the ideal contender to be your food delivery app.

Here are the summed-up reasons for choosing Yelo:

Native Mobile Apps & Websites:

Yelo helps you build your food delivery website and your mobile app so you can offer multiple channels of service for your customers. Right from landing pages and content creation to backend support, Yelo has got you covered. Taking your business online has never been easier than this.

End-to-End Delivery Management:

Yelo ensures that all the aspects of your online business are taken care of systematically. Right from receiving an order, to assigning it, to ensuring its pickup, tracking the delivery, and completing the order, Yelo takes care of it. With a delivery partner such as Tookan, your food delivery platform is totally in safe hands. 

Creating Your Own Brand:

At the face of it, your brand is what is most important. Consumer trust is built based on brand recognition and offering great service. Yelo understands this and creates your online platform keeping your brand value in mind. From logos and images to customer experiences, Yelo ensures that your brand visibility increases with every order that is placed.

Ultimate Customization:

Since Yelo is a starter pack for your online business, customization is enabled for every aspect. Your website, apps, modules, domains, payments page, checkout page, hero banner, promotions, mailers, all of it are customized to your liking. With Yelo, you also get pre-designed templates which you can use to enhance the look and feel of your website and app. Yelo’s UI and UX capabilities make it a go-to brand for any online marketplace. 


Digitization of all businesses is going to happen sooner rather than later. We live in a world where trends change quickly and periodically. However, some trends are not optional. To quote a famous saying, “Doing business today with yesterday’s methods will take you out of business tomorrow”, it is important to keep up with the times and stay relevant.

In this fast-paced world where technology is paramount, businesses need to learn to embrace innovation. The simple act of taking your business online can work wonders for your future. Yelo is on the journey to enable this transformation for as many businesses as possible to make their futures secure and to drive sales more than ever. If you are an entrepreneur who wants to create the best food delivery app, Yelo is the partner you need to make that happen. 

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