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How On-Demand Apps are Shaping the World Around Us

By Savita Dhawan 24th April 2018

Living in a dynamic world, we all are so caught up in work that we can’t manage simple tasks like buying groceries or cooking dinner. Sometimes we really wonder how we find time to sleep? Contrarily, these fast-paced tasks have brought us in a place where everything can be solved with just one click. Our mobile phone has become the magic wand for us where we obtain anything at our doorstep and the credit goes to on-demand service apps. What exactly these apps are?

What are On-demand service apps?

On-demand service apps act as a mediator between customers and providers of different services. It allows you to order anything, exactly when you need it. From food delivery to a ride to a person, to package delivery, etc these apps have got you covered all through.
According to Harvard Business Reports, the on-demand economy is attracting more than 22.4 million consumers annually in $57.6 billion spending. All these on-demand service apps include home services, transportation, food & grocery, health services, and other similar services.
These on-demand service apps cater to the different segments:


Millennials have witnessed a major transformation in the way they order food. And because of today’s hectic work schedules, the modern consumers prefer ordering pizza, pasta, or a salad from a nearby restaurant than cooking by themselves. GrubHub, UberEats, Postmates are some examples.

Whenever the customers order something and they need it really quick, on-demand service delivery apps are the best fit for them.

On-demand service apps come to the rescue when you want to reach a doctor or a professional adviser whenever you are feeling sick. Eg Medicast

Getting an appointment at a local spa/salon turns out to be a hassle most of the times. Either you do not get the preferred time or you have to sit in the waiting area. An online spa and salon booking website is the best possible solution to get rid of such hitches.The best example is Glam Squad

Home Services
Home services as a sector have been seeing considerable interest as it looks to link local services to consumers. Whether you want to get service of your Air conditioner or looking to install TV in your new home, there are a lot of on-demand service apps that you can choose from. Eg UrbanClap.

How To Build A Successful On-Demand Service Apps?

Keep in mind what you offer
First of all, you have to tailor your services according to customers’ interests. Your app has to provide what they really need and not what you would prefer to offer them.

Reasonable Prices
The price of your services should be a balance between the absolute minimum, which is free of charge, and the average price for the same service by regular providers.

Advanced Technology
It may be one of the most important things you should consider if you want to create a truly successful on-demand service app. Geolocation, payment engines and easy registration makes your service attractive to customers.

Because there is an app for everything, there is no doubt that the On-Demand Economy has revolutionized the way people are living and transacting on the day-to-day basis, this new concept of on-demand services apps have made the lives of urban elites more resourceful by offering convenience.

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