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What are the new on-demand ride-sharing and delivery solutions from Google maps? How does it help delivery companies?

By Tanvir Singh 30th October 2020

The on-demand delivery businesses are obsessed with route efficiency while talking about their delivery agents’ performance. On-demand companies, either small or large, need to keep their geography grip more vital to compete. 

Have you ever thought about “route mapping to preference”! If not, raise a toss for Google Maps who are a step ahead in it. A few days back, Google Maps launched its brand new service dedicated to industry verticals for on-demand ride-sharing and delivery solutions. 

What is it all about?

Google Maps platform has taken a decision to launch a new service for on-demand rides and delivery companies, amidst pandemic times. As reports suggested the surge of on-demand delivery operations during COVID-19, Google Maps once again tried to sail in the flowing opportunities.  Quite similar to what they did in 2018 (in-app navigation), this time amidst a pandemic, they have decided to focus on the delivery vertical.

Let us break it into a simpler process; the platform will combine its existing capabilities with a few new features such as;

  • Custom Ranking
  • Sharing Trip (Pooling)
  • Customise Look and Feel
  • Real-Time order progress information

The idea behind it

With the Launching of its routing services, Google Maps platform gives a thumbs up to the developers to further showcasing the route to the riders by adding suitable API integration. A little tweaking in the maps can help identify and decide the optimized, best suitable route as per the driver’s vehicle. 

Commonly known as the” Routes Preferred” feature, an elaborated decision about time-sensitive deliveries can be taken as per the need of the hour. It also adds chances to offer an expected calculative pricing structure to the customers. 

Sounds like innovation! The offerings extended to get a brief about the “Nearby Drivers” to the admin. 

How can it help an on-demand delivery business?

The biggest challenge while running a delivery centric business is to manage and allocate the task to the nearest suitable driver. Google Maps tried to minimize the hassles. 

Single API integration from the Developer’s end can help get a thorough understanding of the drivers and the best-suited route to pick. The new concept  can be blended with the rest of the pre-existing features such as “Google Real-Time Trip, order progress, driver’s location, ETA . It will help in escalating the deliveries by matching the right route to the right driver. In a nutshell, we can expect improved proficiency in on-demand delivery businesses. 

The road to the destination or to move to another route?- Our unbiased verdict

Undoubtedly, the concept wins the trust vote of on-demand delivery businesses and would ease the drivers. But, when we talk about this new launch’s practical aspects, we are a little apprehend for the consequences. Point 1 that should not be ignored is about practical usage of this concept for big- giant players. Is it compatible and competent enough to meet the large scale operations demands? Indeed, there is room scope for such verticals. Point 2, we all will agree, Google still needs to collaborate with players in delivery management software to get the tech stack’s ins and outs. 

However, if you are a start-up or a small scale business operator, you can go for a dry run with Google Maps. Are you confused about where to go? Let us catch up to know more about it. 

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