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What is Vehicle Management and why is it important in Warehouse Logistics?

By Tahira Bhasin 26th September 2022

Vehicle Management in a warehouse is a highly critical aspect of productivity and operational efficiency that often goes under the radar. 

A warehouse is a place where shipment is received and then forwarded to another or final destination. So, there is always an inflow and outflow of products/goods happening.

And that happens through different sorts of vehicles depending on the products. Could be trucks, jeeps or any other mode of transport. 

Shipment functions being carried out in a warehouse

To manage those modes of transport and in a way, that they yield maximum efficiency, is why vehicle management is a must in warehouse logistics. 

Let’s go ahead and discuss some critical factors like the need for vehicle management in logistics, the best tips, when to start and even how to start.

Why do you need Vehicle Management?

You have a lot of vehicles running in and around your warehouse in order to manage and store your inventory. 

You need to keep a track on them in order to reduce chaos, waste less time and utilize your resources to their maximum potential. 

Here are some of the benefits that a business can have through proper vehicle management.

Reduced idle time

Once a vehicle enters your warehouse, where and how it is being utilized is key knowledge. How much time is it taking to unload and reload. This knowledge will give you control over your vehicles and you will be able to utilise them to the best of your ability. 

For eg. Many times, your shipment has been offloaded but the re-loading is taking a lot of time and the vehicle is idle. That leads to a lot of wastage of space, fuel, time and manpower.

Having a proper system for vehicle management, can help your business achieve a lot of efficiency. You will be surprised to see how drastically it will reduce the idle time. 

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Resource maximization 

Through a properly planned vehicle management system, businesses not only save time but are also able to maximize the resources available. 

You can see where, when and how your employees are performing vehicle-related tasks and how long is it taking them to complete a particular task, especially within a warehouse. 

It also increases accountability and brings transparency. 

Top 4 tips to get the most out of your fleet

Forecast to plan resource allocation

By forecasting the expected order volume, businesses can plan ahead on how to manage resources, rotate staff shifts and maximize the available space during periods of high demand or low order quantities based on the needs.

Chalk out key processes

Jot down and visualize all the key touchpoints that a fleet engages with, within your warehousing facility. Track and analyze the time in transition across each of these touchpoints to establish a clear benchmark. This will drastically reduce idlel time and increase efficiency.

Define fixed pathways within loading docks

One of the most overlooked factors when it comes to reducing the idle time of a fleet is the lack of predefined pathways within a loading facility. Studies have shown that implementing a fixed path within a warehouse can help businesses save an incredible amount of time and fuel.

Use technology

Using technology is a sound way to achieve enhanced service and cut down costs for businesses in delivery. Tracking, monitoring and analyzing all the different touch points across your delivery ecosystem requires a level of automation that can be achieved easily through technology. One can analyze delivery times, idle time, fuel consumption, and overall fleet performance amongst other things through technology.

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When is the right time to start?

The answer to this is quite simple. Right now! 

With the festive season coming up shortly, businesses need to start adapting this solution as soon as possible. All the stakeholders also need time to get accustomed to these sudden changes. 

In fact, logistics giant Shiprocket has increased its capacity by 50% to tackle the festive rush. 

Saahil Goel, co-founder and CEO of Shiprocket told Financial Express, “For the festive season, we have significantly ramped up capacity in our fulfillment centers to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience for our customers.” 

Choosing the right software solution

One thing is clear. The use of technology is imperative in today’s time to ensure maximum efficiency for your business.

Here are the must-haves for your solution. 

  1. Adaptability

Every business has a unique way of operating. While the core principles of any business operating in the same field might be similar, the way activities are carried out is what sets every business apart. While choosing a software solution, every business must ensure that the software can adapt to and help in carrying out these activities.

  1. Integrations

In this digital age, there are a plethora of tech solutions available. It is common for businesses to deploy a bunch of different tools to meet their needs. As a result, it is important to consider the integrations available to seamlessly combine the existing software solutions with this newer technology.

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  1. Scalability

Every business has a goal to scale and grow as their business carries on. This must also be available in the tech solutions chosen throughout the process. The technology solution must be adaptable and scalable in accordance to a business’ growing needs.

  1. Proof of effectiveness

Before opting for a software solution, read and study the effectiveness of that tool in similar business circumstances. It is crucial to understand whether or not the proposed solution has helped other businesses in a similar situation and can actually garner the results being promised.


We’ve spoken about the need for vehicle management in a warehouse, the best tips, and the right time to start. One thing has come out clearly, businesses need to adopt technology in order to get the best out of their delivery fleet. 

Speed, cost, accuracy and overall efficiency are some of the most important things that can be achieved through adopting the right tech solution for your business. 

If you’re looking for a technology solution that helps you manage your delivery fleet, check out Tookan

Tookan is a delivery management software that can fit a plethora of needs. Businesses can achieve better route optimisation, task pooling, auto allocation, and delivery fleet management. You can also take advantage of a free 14-day trial and see how it can work wonders for your business.

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