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Here’s How Husky Helps In Connecting Talent To The Employers

By Tannu Sharma 24th March 2020

Freelancer market is growing exponentially in recent times. With the world becoming accessible through e-connection, the need to reach out the right talent could easily be met via a smart internet connection. For those, who are not much familiar with the concept of the freelancer market, it is a place where you can get in touch with the right pool of talent and can pay them per project. On similar grounds, a skilled professional can take up the work through this freelancer marketplace and can get paid accordingly. 

Even the established businesses are harnessing this ability to get connected to people and are making a big profit out of it. When the world around you has taken the opportunity to grow with the concept of remote connectivity as a resource, have you managed to fit in the shoes?

2020 will be all about getting and maintaining worldwide connections via the spark of global network escalation. Here is the time, when you should also value this unique concept and get the optimum benefit of it. 

Connecting the dots

Growth with technology is predictable. One has to pick the right platform to walk upon and rest would be history. Speaking in length about how a perfect marketplace can allow you to connect with the required dots of growth, we have curated a custom-based and trend-oriented marketplace that will help you to stay in touch with the right people. 

Why is a marketplace such as Upwork or Fiverr required?

There are already many giant players in the market who are progressively shaping the industry. But, when we say giant players, they sometimes miss the basics. Though these platforms are doing a great job by connecting the resources to the requirements, still they have their share of downsides that need to be addressed.

Having a powerful marketplace where one can easily get a chance to meet the desired talent without any waiting, has become the need of the hour. Moreover, the long-pending approvals are one of the tiring features of these giant players, that gives space to the new aspiring players to be an integral part of the competition. 

Husky: A perfect choice to start your Own Freelancer business 

For those who are new to connect with Husky, here are a few exclusive features of Husky that make it a perfect and on-the-go choice for all. 

Customized Themes 

Husky helps you to own a customized theme for building up a marketplace. We believe in letting you give a distinguished brand identity. It helps your loyal customers and new audiences to differentiate your presence from others in the market. On the whole, it helps in attaining more number of customers connected to your marketplace. 

Better user experience

Our experts are dedicated to allowing your end-users to get a hassle-free scrolling experience. A smart and impressive user interface makes it quite simple for the users to place their bid seamlessly and identify the projects they wish to work upon. This makes the overall experience of your customers appreciable and effortless. By offering a seamless experience, you can get in the race of competing with the giant players too. 

Enhanced Chat options

With Husky, you would get the chance to stay in touch with the freelancers at any hour of the day. The smart chat integration component helps in establishing better communication with the resources and helps in knowing about their suitability for the required project. It also helps in bringing healthy communication at times of the requirements. 

Payment Channels

You need not worry about the hassles related to the payments. With a pre-built option of multiple payment channels, one can easily think of connecting with the right resource irrespective of the demographic constriction. The multiple payment integration options help in making a smooth payment experience. From paying to receiving the money, everything could be sorted with the help of these payment channels. 

Track the digital documents

Last but not the least, get to know-how about the complete whereabouts of how customers are connecting with your marketplace and what is their working journey with the help of a robust admin dashboard. It helps in getting powerful insight data-packed reports in one reach and helps in taking progressive business decisions.

Own it, the way you want it!

Husky is here with you to help you build your marketplace. Tell us your requirements and we will do it, just the way you always wanted to. For more information, connect with us.

If you enjoyed reading this, we’re sure you will also love checking out what we have in store on our Youtube channel. You can also head to our  home page for more info!

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