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Building an On-Demand Home Service App with Husky

By Tarannum Aggarwal 21st August 2020

The digital era has led several businesses to shift to an online platform. Home service is one of the many on-demand businesses that has boomed on the digital forum. Customers no longer have to wait for days on end to have something fixed or get their house cleaned. Today, they can jump online to find a variety of services and even have the flexibility of choosing a convenient time for the service to be delivered. 

Freelance marketplace

On-demand services are at its peak in the market and studies show that they will continue to grow over the coming years. The best time to start your very own on-demand business is right now!

If you’re thinking about tapping into the home services market, here’s how you can stand out among your competitors. You can create your own on-demand home service app and stay on top of the game by using a freelance marketplace builder. Provide your customers with the flexibility of choosing from a wide range of service providers and prices.

Benefits of a Freelance Marketplace

With a freelance marketplace, customers and vendors can directly connect with each other without a company acting as a middle man. Your on-demand services platform will simply act as a mediator between both sides of the market. Customers can find the best services at prices that work for them, while vendors can reach a wider audience.

With the kind of technology available today, you don’t have to worry about building an on-demand business from scratch. Use a freelance marketplace builder to boost the launch of your on-demand home cleaning or on-demand home service app. Here’s where you can use Husky.

Husky is a freelance marketplace builder that lets individual professionals connect with businesses or customers. 

Freelance marketplace

Using Husky to Build an On-Demand Home Service App

You can create an on-demand home services app using Husky with ease. Here are some of the things you can do with an on-demand home service or cleaning business: 

  • Create listings of various services and services providers
  • Allow customers to choose the best price for the best services
  • Have vendors bid on customer requirements
  • Give customers and vendors a forum to connect instantly 
  • Give users a reliable and easy-to-use platform that is easily accessible
  • Help customers solve everyday major and minor problems 

In three simple steps, you can launch your on-demand home service app. Here’s how: 

Step 1. Onboarding > Step 2. Update Store and Settings > Step 3. Launch your On-Demand Business! 

Freelance marketplace

Features of Husky 

Husky is integrated with powerful tools and features to help you launch your on-demand business easily and within a short amount of time. Here are some of the features provided by Husky to help you cover all aspects of creating on-demand services:  

Freelance marketplace
  • A fully customizable platform with a variety of themes
  • Social logins to allow users to register with their Instagram, Facebook or Google Accounts
  • Multiple payment gateways along with a ‘tips & taxes’ option
  • Real-time chat so disputes and queries can be addressed instantly 
  • A built-in rating and review system to allow for transparency of quality 
  • A multilingual feature to cater to a wider and more global audience

For a detailed list of the robust features of Husky, visit https://jungleworks.com/husky/

Concluding Note

Research shows that customers are willing to pay more for the ease of convenience. With Husky, you can build a convenient and useful platform for all types of home services. Create a freelance on-demand home services app and help bridge this gap between customers and vendors. 

Start today! 

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