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Future Of Drone Industry

By Rashim Sethi 15th January 2019

Two world wars are proof of the success of drones in military operations. The first pilotless vehicle was built by the U.S during the First World War. These early models were launched using a catapult or were flown using radio control. Later, in 1935 the British army produced a number of radio-controlled aircraft. It’s thought the term ‘drone’ was coined at this time, inspired by the name of one of those models, the DH.82B Queen Bee. Everywhere you read about drones, you will get to know that its past is somehow linked with war.

The basic target of Drones was to reach those areas where humans were hard to reach. As per the report of  Goldman Sachs, drone industry has the potential to reach a market value of 100 billion USD by 2020 and that’s huge. Keeping military share aside, commercial businesses will acquire somewhere around 13 percent of the total share. That 13 percent is equal to 14-15 billion USD roughly. But what kind of commercial businesses are we talking about here?  It’s necessary to understand the nature of commercial business before discussing the role of the drone in its revolution.

Here is the list of major commercial businesses in which Drones can be used:-

  •    On-Demand Delivery
  •    Photography
  •    Advertising
  •    Surveillance, Inspection, and Relief
  •    Agriculture Sector

This article basically focuses on how an On-Demand Delivery business can be taken to the next level using Drones as a Delivery medium.

Just imagine one fine day you look up in the sky and you see a number of drones flying in the sky with one carrying a pizza, other carrying one ton of cargo, one is carrying medicines and within minutes, these robots unload the contents at the targeted destinations. Seems far-fetched, isn’t it? But the world of drone delivery is already closer than you think. Let’s get a closer view of this.

Emerging Business can grow beyond expectations if they have a proper transportation infrastructure to deliver their services. Using Drone as a delivery management system will not only multiply their numbers but will also cater to the needs of millions of people at a faster rate. Here are some of the examples of Business Giants who have already started experimenting with the Drone technology:-

  • DHL first began testing unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) delivery services in 2014, when it began delivering medical supplies to Just, an island in the North Sea off Germany.
  • UPS has successfully tested a drone that launches from the top of a delivery truck.
  • Pizza by drone became a reality in November 2016, when Domino‘s delivered chicken pizza to a customer in Whangaparaoa, New Zealand.
  • Amazon made its first commercial drone delivery to a remote UK farm the following month, and its first US test ran in 2017.
  • In July 2018, China’s biggest online retailer, JD.com’s drone took off from a playground in the city of Xi’an to deliver one of the orders in a football-sized box to a village in the mountains to the south.
  • Google parent company Alphabet’s drone delivery tests are taking place in a semi-rural residential development In New South Wales, Australia.
  • Not only these, India’s one of India’s biggest food-tech firms “Zomato” is all set to form its drone-based delivery network in the country. Even Facebook is researching the possibility of delivering wireless internet to developing areas through drone technology.

While these possibilities may be years away, drone technology has already had an impact on how businesses operate. What connects many of these efforts is a need to get goods to consumers while enabling productivity and profit gains. These drone delivery systems will not only empower emerging economies but also will enable them to leapfrog conventional infrastructure investment. This can benefit nations and their people. For example, Zipline drones delivered blood from the Rwandan capital, Kigali, to a medical facility 60km away. The four-hour road journey took the drone just 15-minutes. Away from Africa, UkrPoshta, the Ukrainian Postal Service just began a drone delivery pilot program with Israel’s Flytrex, which plans to be the “FedEx of drone delivery”.
According to a recent survey no. of industries are planning to adopt drones as their delivery tools but are facing difficulty in scaling up their operations. Companies of all sizes and across all industries are working with JungleWorks to drive transformation, build pivotal relationships, and scale their businesses. We help them to launch and run safe, efficient drone operations. We have recently partnered with Wilhelmsen, which operates one of the largest maritime services network in the world, for their Agency By Air project to deliver parcels from shore to ship using drones at Singapore’s Marina South Pier. Currently, we are looking to partner with companies in UAV vertical to run a pilot program for drone-based application. A whole world of technical excellence will open up for you and your business if we partner together. Request for a Pilot run of your UAV with our best in class enterprise Platform Tookan.

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