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Former Uber driver to launch a new chauffeured cab app in France

By jwork 7th July 2016

12030434_714193205378457_5993794946357762602_o (1)ORION is the new ‘cab on-demand’ application aiming to become the first fair reservation platform by creating better for conditions its drivers. With lower commission, pre-booking facilities and the possibility to build their own customer base, ORION aims to build a real partnership with their drivers. After several strikes in France against taxi hailing apps, this is the platform cab drivers has been waiting for.

Goodbye my Driver, Goodbye my friend…

Have you ever enjoyed a ride and sadly waved goodbye knowing you will never see the driver again? Cry no more tears. ORION let customers add drivers to a favorites list making it possible to easily request the driver again. Customers can through the app see the location of their favorites and can choose if they want to catch a ride with one of them, or any driver. This works both for on-demand requests and pre-bookings. ORION therefore becomes more than simply a reservation platform as it creates a more personalized experience for its customers.

Taxi on-demand – but Fairtrade

ORION aims to be a fair on-demand platform enabling better profit for its drivers. The application charges a commission rate of 15% per ride and only 12% if the customer added the driver to its favorites list (in comparison to Uber who normally charges 20%). ORION will furthermore enable pre-bookings by providing every driver with a free Mini-website with an online payment tool and a booking engine for each driver. ORION does not charge any commission for these pre-bookings.

You can also start your smart on-demand taxi app by making Jugnoo.io your tech partner. They provide fully customizable white-label solutions and an advanced admin dashboard. Check out their website.

Uber drivers cannot wait!

ORION was co-founded by the former Uber driver Samatar Bock and after several strikes against Uber and other cab hailing apps, he felt a need to build a solution to enable better business for drivers.  

“Drivers are independent, pay for their own training, cars, maintenance of the vehicle and insurance. We therefore found it logical to create a system where efforts are recognised and rewarded for the good service the chauffeurs provide. Independent drivers shall therefore be recognised as the first value of ORION.”

Samatar Bock

Drivers are enthusiastically waiting for the app and out of 4000 Uber drivers in Paris, 1000 have already shown interest in the new application. The application will be launched in Paris and have expansion plans to Lyon and Marseille by the end of 2016. The wait will soon be over as the application will be launched shortly!  

ORION partnered with Juggernaut as its technology partner to build this platform. If you are looking to build an on-demand platform for your business, get in touch with us today!

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