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Find the best tool to build a Cannabis Delivery Platform.

By Aryaan Sarover 22nd July 2021

Cannabis has been one of the fastest-growing industries in the past couple of years. With the legalization of Cannabis and its ever-increasing popularity, as a result there is a rise in the need for Direct-To-Consumer Cannabis Delivery Platform

  1. Introduction
  2. Features
  3. Best tools
  4. Conclusion

Setting up a Cannabis Delivery Platform can seem complicated. On the other hand, a well-made plan might be just the thing to make sure the Platform has all the features that may be needed. 

For those who are Marijuana connoisseurs or just looking to start a new business like Uber for weed, we will cover the essential features of a Cannabis Delivery Platform and provide the tools to create the Platform with ease.

Cannabis Delivery Platform shopping cart

What are the features that should be available in a Cannabis Delivery Platform?

Building a cannabis delivery platform is not just about how the app works for the customer. It is about a harmonious relationship between all the parties involved in a transaction: the customer, the delivery rider and the management. Above all, building a truly successful and efficient Cannabis Delivery platform means understanding the synergy between these elements and creating fluidity.

A cannabis delivery platform should have three applications/dashboards.

Customer App for cannabis delivery platform

Cannabis mobile apps and a website for online orders

Building an app and a website are essential elements for a cannabis delivery platform. The website and application act as a digital door to the virtual store.

The look should be fresh, simple and, most importantly, inviting. A Platform should look and function in a manner that is inviting and pushes the potential customers into making a transaction.

Real-time tracking and updates

Providing the customers with real-time data about their order and delivery enforces trust in the brand. This will allow customers to track their cannabis orders and keep them updated when the status or ETA changes. Therefore, clients do not have to worry about delivery security ever again.

Customer verification & instant payments

Serving in a state with legalized medicinal marijuana is a prominent feature. Checking and ensuring that potential customers hold a valid prescription is of utmost importance. Let customers upload a legal prescription and photo ID through the app to serve in the best interest of both the business and the customer. As a result, the instant verification of the customer can redirect them to the payment gateway.

Most importantly, this is to ensure they do not lose out on precious time while making sure of compliance with the norms set by the authorities.

Push notifications for clients

With the limited options for advertising it is essential to emphasize and try to build on repeat customers. To achieve this, push notifications for customers could prove to be a hidden gem that will drive the reorders for a Cannabis Delivery Platform.

Driver App for Cannabis delivery platform

Instant notifications for new orders

Providing a team of delivery riders instant notifications for any new order will ensure a proactive approach for all business fonts, from customers getting satisfactory updates to the drivers planning and managing their delivery schedule.

Route optimization for drivers

Drivers can efficiently manage their delivery by providing them with an application that quickly helps them consider multiple destinations. The app ensures on-time delivery by assigning the shortest and fastest routes. 

Order fulfilment status

On completion of every delivery, the driver gets an online confirmation that the delivery is completed. They can close the current order delivery and move on to the next task at hand, ensuring optimized delivery.

Managers App

Manage everything in one place

Get all the orders along with their statuses under one umbrella. Manage and track deliveries, see upcoming and booked orders in one master app. One can even look to customize offerings and put our new deals straight from the manager app.

Monitor performance

Monitor all types of metrics through the manager app. Be it several deliveries, cancelled orders, ratings and reviews or even driver performance. Get all the data in a single place to constantly improve businesses working on the go.

Sales reports and analysis 

Firstly, as a business owner it is essential to track the revenue with further analysis to get better results. Secondly, the sales reports will provide real-time insights along with accounting details. 

The aim of this is to identify opportunities to grow a marijuana dispensary business.

Top 3 companies to help build a cannabis delivery platform?

Cannabis Delivery Platform Shopping Bag

Let us get to the big picture.

What are the tools one can use to build a Cannabis delivery platform?

1. Yelo

Yelo provides entrepreneurs with a set of tools to build their own Direct To Consumer (D2C).

It is a platform curated to allow to build a Cannabis delivery platform with ease. It has preset models and templates based on many similar businesses.

Moreover, all the features we have discussed many more can be taken care of by Yelo with ease. Features like customer profile management, real-time chat support and Data-Driven CRM are just some of the features in the wide array provided by Yelo. 

Certainly the best part is that one can take a trial and explore the features that it offers by trying the features available with a demo in place before going ahead and making a purchase. 

In short, Yelo has it all.

2. EmizenTech

EmizenTech is an organization that builds customized mobile applications for its clients based on their requirements. 

They do not have any preset template or demo that can be used. However, they provide a service option to the customers to build an application based on any prerequisites and demands.

3. Codiant

Codiant is a tech company that can implement a cannabis app solution to handle massive traffic, streamline large amounts of orders, and secure online payments and other customer interactions and data. They offer a wide array of technologies for a Cannabis app.


To sum it up, we have discussed all the essential features to make a Cannabis Delivery Platform a success. These features may not seem important individually, but as a whole they provide everything needed for the Platform.

We have given a list of organizations that can help create a Cannabis Delivery Platform.

Surely go ahead and Start your trial! Build your Cannabis Delivery Platform and decide!

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