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Everything You Need to Know About Mobile Workforce Management for Your Home Service Business

By Aastha Malhotra 5th March 2021
mobile workforce management

In 2008, Leah Basque ran out of dog food on a cold stormy night. She could not afford to go out in such cold weather but asked a neighbour to run an errand for her. It was this moment that inspired her to create an on-demand home service called TaskRabbit

She made an on-demand platform based on a community, where people loved to run errands for each other. An idea that started as a means to help people became the biggest on-demand platform for home services. 

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According to Technavio, the on-demand home service market is growing at a compound annual growth rate of 53%. It is a fragmented market with several big players like TaskRabbit, AskforTask Inc., Cleanly Inc., Helpling GmbH & Co. KG, MyClean Inc., ServiceWhale Inc., Serviz.com Inc., and others. The market has a growth rate of 32.14% and is expected to reach $1574.86 billion in revenue by 2024.

Why is Workforce Management Necessary for Home Service Business?

If you have a home service business, managing the workforce is one of the most significant challenges. Most of the on-demand home service giants have been great at wrapping their professionals’ efficacy with an amazing user experience. Mobile workforce software solutions can help you achieve the same level of efficacy and user experience. 

So, let’s understand why you should leverage mobile workforce management systems for your home service business and how you can do it.

Importance of Workforce Management in On-demand Home Services

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As your workforce is mobile, control over their movement, behaviour, and efficiency can be a problem. Mobile workforce management software can help with tracking professionals and control delays. 

With a mobile workforce management system, you can leverage cloud infrastructure to develop intelligent tools. These smart features can help automatically match users with the most suitable service provider. 

For example, if your house alarm system is down, and you need to fix it, the algorithmic model developed on top of cloud services can automatically help you find the best repairmen from a pool of professionals.

It can also help with the auto-scheduling of tasks and order requests. A mobile workforce software can also help your back office to navigate operations through real-time communications and data sharing for improved services. 

Another aspect of workforce management is providing enough data to the service provider. With mobile workforce management solutions, like the management software, your workforce can access client details, request requirements, location data, and user’s request history. 

Any on-demand home service business may have to send multiple mobile workforces to a client’s location for home services like electrical repairs, furniture repairs, cleaning, laundry, moving items, beauty-related services, and many others.

Therefore, scheduling and management of the services become a very important part of the system. 

Mobile Workforce Scheduling Software

home services scheduling

Mobile workforce management software can help you with scheduling; it can help users schedule a task according to their convenience. WFM software provides services like scheduling, time tracking and more. 

Benefits of Workforce Management in On-demand Home Services

Simplification of Operations

On-demand home service operations can be complicated, and managing them needs simplification of the process. For example, the process of licensing, training, and providing service to a customer should be handled before you start offering services on the platform. 

A mobile workforce management solution can help streamline the entire process by simplifying administrative tasks. This can be done by using a reliable scheduling tool. 

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The bulk of the on-demand home service operations are appointment-based, requiring robust online workforce scheduling software for management. According to Locus, 46% of US consumers prefer to schedule home service appointments with email, an online platform, or a mobile app. 

A mobile workforce management software can help with scheduling, order fulfilment, etc. by enabling simplification of operations, rich user experience, and increasing the number of repeat customers. 

Route Optimisations

Most on-demand home services cater to customers from different locations, and reducing the delay in services is a significant concern. A mobile workforce software with advanced features can help your remote professionals access the optimised route to the customer’s location. It helps improve the efficiency of services and reduces delays in work order fulfilment. 

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is directly proportional to customer loyalty. According to a Forbes report, 96% of consumers are loyal to brands that offer better customer support and satisfaction. For an on-demand home service business, higher customer loyalty leads to more work orders that will, in turn, help boost the value proposition. 

To achieve such a high level of customer satisfaction, you need to take care of four important aspects.

  • Proper Scheduling
  • Accurate estimation of the order cost
  • Completion of request as per schedule
  • Standard behaviour of service provider

An advanced WFM solution offers auto-scheduling and estimation of the total cost per order, including the service provider’s charge. It also enables professionals to access real-time instructions from the backend for the completion of requests on time. 

It further enforces the standard behaviour of service providers with customers by tracking customer reviews. So, you can ensure customer satisfaction with each service request. 

Real-Time Communications

real time communication

Modern-age digital devices like smartphones have enabled communication on the go. Workforce management solutions can help you with real-time communication features. It will help you manage your workers in the field without any hassle and even provide them with vital data to serve the customers. 

Drawbacks of Not Using Workforce Management for Home Services Vertical

Home services cater to a plethora of tasks, and you can have a massive pool of professionals to fulfil them. With such a massive range of services, ensuring productivity, clear communication, streamlining operations, and standardising behaviour becomes difficult. With mobile workforce management solutions, you can easily enable uniform behavioural code for professionals and manage processes to boost productivity. 

Top Features of Mobile Workforce Management Solutions

Proof of Delivery

Proof of delivery is a concept related to delivery service fulfilment. It is a feature of workforce management that can help your home service business ensure the accuracy of services and help you achieve an enhanced user experience. Proof of delivery also enables you to track the efficiency of your delivery operations and make timely changes. 


Online workforce scheduling software offers workflow tracking. Apart from the auto-scheduling of tasks and order requests, such a solution will enable smooth management of work orders. It also helps service providers to access vital data securely for the fulfilment of work orders. 

Real-Time Management

real time management

If a service provider is on-site for electrical repairs and needs access to the client’s data on earlier orders, then data becomes essential to understand the electrical wiring structure and approach towards execution. 

Without mobile workforce management solutions, the service provider  will be unable to help the client. Adding real-time access to data and communication features can help manage such operations easily.


From real-time mobile management of workers to route optimisations, a workforce management solution makes managing work orders easy. Better managed services lead to greater customer satisfaction, thus adding value to your business and adding to the total revenue. 

The on-demand home service market is going strong, and if you want to enhance your workforce management to get an edge in the market, solutions like Tookan can help. It is a mobile workforce management solution that automates several tasks and enables streamlining of work orders. 

Apart from the workforce’s remote management, Tookan can also help with intelligent features like automatic allocation of orders. It optimises the workflow and enables productivity tracking.

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