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Enhancing User Experience: Yelo Allows Larger GIF Uploads for Stunning Visual Impact

By Zeba Yasmeen 1st June 2023

At Yelo, we believe in continually enhancing our platform to provide our users with the best experience possible. We are thrilled to announce a recent product update that expands gif compatibility on our platform. Users can now upload larger gifs, up to 2MB in size, across all sections where image uploads are possible. This enhancement is aimed at improving the visual appeal of the platform and ensuring a seamless user experience. In this blog post, we will delve into the details of this update and how it enhances your interactions on Yelo.

Why Gifs Matter?

Gifs have become an integral part of modern communication. It allows users to express emotions and convey messages in a dynamic and engaging way. At Yelo, we understand the significance of gifs in creating engaging content and facilitating effective communication between users. With this in mind, we have expanded gif compatibility on our platform, empowering you to leverage the power of gifs in a broader and more impactful manner.

Expanded Gif Compatibility:

Previously, users were limited to uploading gifs up to a certain size. As a result, it restricted creativity and limited the range of gifs that could be shared. We have addressed this limitation by increasing the maximum gif size to 2MB. This means you can now upload larger and higher-quality gifs. It will enable you to fully express your ideas, emotions, and brand personality on Yelo. Whether you are sharing gifs in chat conversations, comments, or posts, you now have more freedom and flexibility to engage with others in a visually appealing way.

A More Engaging User Experience:

gif compatibility

The enhanced gif compatibility on Yelo significantly enhances the user experience. With the ability to upload larger gifs, you can now captivate your audience with more expressive and vibrant visuals. Whether you are a business showcasing your products or individual sharing moments from your daily life, this update allows you to make a lasting impression and foster deeper connections with your audience.

We believe that visuals play a crucial role in capturing attention and conveying messages effectively. By expanding gif compatibility, we are opening up new avenues for creativity and self-expression on Yelo. This update aligns with our commitment to providing you with a platform that facilitates authentic and engaging interactions.


At Yelo, we are dedicated to continuously improving our platform to meet your evolving needs. The expansion of gif compatibility to 2MB is a testament to our commitment to enhancing your experience on Yelo. We want to empower you to express yourself creatively, engage with others in a more impactful way, and foster meaningful connections. We encourage you to explore this update and leverage the power of gifs to enrich your interactions on Yelo.

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