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Why Your QSR Business Absolutely Needs Kiosk Setups – Yelo’s Next Big Thing!

By Tahira Bhasin 8th December 2023

Hey there! Ready to take your QSR business to the next level? Think speed, think smart, think customer satisfaction. Welcome to the dynamic world of kiosks – the game-changing solution for quick-service restaurants. And the best part? Yelo is about to unveil its own cutting-edge kiosk technology! Let’s dive into why kiosk setups are essential for your business.

The Awesome Benefits of Kiosks

  • Speed is Everything: In the QSR world, speed isn’t just an option; it’s the rule. With kiosks, it’s like turbo-charging your order process – think super-fast and efficient.
  • Customers Love It: When customers have the control to order how they want, they’re happier. And you know what? Happy customers often mean more sales.
  • Save on Costs: With kiosks, you need fewer people at the counter, which means saving dollars where it counts.
  • Data at Your Fingertips: Each interaction at a kiosk is a nugget of information. This data is gold for understanding what your customers really want.

Tackling the Big Questions About Kiosks

  • “Are Kiosks a Huge Expense?”: Look at it this way – it’s an investment. Sure, there’s an upfront cost, but the returns? You’ll see them in increased sales, lower labor costs, and happier customers.
  • “What About My Team?”: Kiosks aren’t here to take jobs. They’re here to shift roles. Your team gets to focus on what humans do best – like making sure your food and service are top-notch.
  • “Is It Tough to Use These Things?”: Not at all. Today’s kiosks are all about being user-friendly. And with Yelo’s training, it’s a breeze for your team to get the hang of it.

McDonald’s: A Kiosk Success Story

Let’s talk about McDonald’s for a sec. They jumped on the kiosk bandwagon and haven’t looked back. Since they started, their sales have jumped by 10-20%. That’s not just good; that’s a total game-changer. Bigger orders, less spending on labor, and customers leaving with a smile – it’s a win-win-win.

The Big thing at Yelo

The Next Leap with Yelo’s Kiosks. As we gear up to introduce Yelo’s kiosks, we’re not just adding another service; we’re elevating your in-store customer experience to match the ease and convenience of our existing mobile app and website ordering systems.

These kiosks aren’t just about in-store ordering; they’re about seamlessly integrating the digital and physical aspects of your business. Imagine offering your customers the same ease of ordering they enjoy online, now available directly at your premises.

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This isn’t just a step forward in technology – it’s about harmonizing your entire service model, making your QSR business faster, smarter, and more attuned to customer needs. Are you ready to join us in this exciting evolution?

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