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By Minal Tayal 22nd December 2023

2024 promises to be another exciting year for the food and beverage industry, and self-order kiosks are poised to play a starring role. These interactive touchscreens aren’t just a passing fad; they’re evolving into powerful tools that benefit both restaurants and customers.
Self-Order Kiosks are self-contained machines consisting of hardware and software to serve customers to buy goods/services of their choice and pay by digital means like UPI, Credit Cards, Debit Cards or Pay at Counter. 

Basically, they enhance the convenience of customers buying during peak hours at Fast Food Restaurants or at any shopping outlets. Most importantly these kiosks shorten customer wait times and also enhance revenue through up and cross-selling.

Important takeaways from a Food & Beverage Industry perspective

  • Cost-effective solution through reduced overheads as it is a one-time investment
  • Increased Revenue as upsells and cross sells are bound to increase with automated solutions
  • Higher customer engagement as unique offers excite users

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Self-Order Kiosks- Advantages for Food & Beverage Industry

  1. Hassle-Free Order Placing: If you are operating the most popular pub or restaurant in the town and if order placing during weekends is heavy for both suppliers and customers, you can install Self-Order Kiosks to accept orders relieving both customers and staff from hassles.
  2. Dynamic Menus: These are not simple digital menus. They serve similar to the way Amazon prime or Netflix menus work. They adapt themselves based on the user’s movie choice. In simple terms, they can adapt or update the menu w.r.t the time of the day.
  3. Escaping the Queue Chaos: When you are at a concert or a stadium watching your favorite show or game, avoiding crowded food counters is possible with Self-Order Kiosks. According to a survey, 30% of customers prefer to order from a kiosk versus a cashier, given an equal amount of crowd. 
  1. Personalization at its Best: Restaurants can provide better-personalized services to their loyal customers with well-designed data analytics features embedded in Self-Order Kiosks.
  2. Paying Bills is Enjoyable :The convenience of digital payments through self-order kiosks makes bill payment an enjoyable experience.

Say for instance; Raj, a customer spends Rs.1000 on an average per visit in a week. The AI-enabled kiosk can trigger this data to the marketing manager. The marketing manager can offer a Rs. 500 redeem-coupon that expires within a week. With this, Raj can be lured to visit the restaurant for the second time in a week.

Examples of Automation in the Food & Beverage Industry

  • McDonald’s has completely changed its Food Delivery methods by embracing technology. They have launched improved apps in more than 20,000 restaurants allowing customers to avoid the lines at the counters and at the drive-thrus. 
  • Taco Bell is allowing Ordering with apps and AI Chatbots
  • Wendy’s has come up with an Automatic Kiosks and a New App
  • Subway, a sandwich chain restaurant embraces AI Bots for Ordering

Why Choose Yelo’s Self-Serve Kiosks solutions for your Food & Beverage Industry?

Yelo’s Self-Order Kiosks are products with both the hardware and software solutions provided by Chandigarh-based Click Labs Private limited. 

Salient features of Yelo’s Self-Serve Kiosks are:

  • Easy to set up and Plug & Play Device: Operating the Self-Serve kiosks is definitely not rocket science.
  • Reduces the Operation cost of the Restaurant.
  • With Insured Hardware, no headache of maintenance.
  • Also has a service network across India.
  • Hassle-free payment: Enabled with UPI payment option.
  • Moreover, Yelo’s simple kiosk can revolutionize the self-service kiosk Indian market and is possessing rich features like the Mcdonald kiosk.
  • Fuels Upsell and Cross-Sell Feature: Existing customers have a 12 to 18% increase in orders.

The Self-Service Kiosk cost is affordable for those who wish to go for upright purchase. 

Wish you a happy and successful food serving mission!!!

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