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Ebook: Juggernaut’s Client Case Study- Jugnoo’s journey from Hyperlocal Dreaming to Delivering

By Parag 1st June 2015

In October 2014, when Socomo Technologies approached Juggernaut with an idea of establishing hyperlocal commerce in India, we couldn’t resist. We dived right into developing Jugnoo, one of the most revolutionary on-demand concept that had the potential to transform the inter-city transportation sector and much more in India.

Today, Jugnoo is building a hyperlocal marketplace to provide everything on-demand by using auto rickshaws (most common means to go from Point A to Point B in India) for providing both rides and deliveries. It has Jugnoo has grown on to an 80 people separate team providing auto-rickshaws, meals and grocery on-demand. Besides, the company’s logistics network comprises of 800 autos in 3 cities doing more than 2300 transactions a day.

This FREE ebook shows the journey of tech partnership between Juggernaut and Jugnoo, which started from Jugnoo 1.0 and ended at the company getting $1 million Seed Round funding from Rakesh Mathur (Junglee, FlyWheel), Vikas Taneja (previous investments in Rapportive, PubNub and 500 Startups among others), Kirloskar group and others.

In this ebook, you will discover about:

  • Indispensable auto-rickshaw sector in India
  • From Jugnoo 1.0 to Jugnoo 2.0
  • Juggernaut’s Intervention
  • Product Evolution of Jugnoo
  • Different Modules included
Discover how Jugnoo bagged funding in 6 months.
Download the Free eBook ‘On Jugnoo’s Journey from Hyperlocal Dreaming to Delivering’ now!

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