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Case Study – Get Angels Now

By Guest User 13th August 2015

If you’ve ever sighed looking at the coffee table wishing it could turn into a massage table at the snap of fingers, you were quite close to what modern technology has in store for you today. While traditionally massage is seen as something that needs foreplanning, appointments, and considerable time, the on-demand industry for massage is seen as a game changer. In a world where people hardly have time and patience to wait, delivery speed turns out to be the most important aspect of a business. For that reason, the Juggernaut team was super excited to jump on this long-existing market when the idea of Get Angels Now was proposed.

And the outcome? Two aesthetically impressive On-Demand mobile applications that facilitate instant massage service and salon booking management respectively. A perfect blend of out-of-the-box thinking and cutting edge technology, Get Angels Now provides instant massage at any of your preferred place be it your office or home. There has been an overwhelming response to the service and customers are going gaga over the massages they get when they really need it.

This case study attempts to give a clearer picture of the intricacies involved in the development of the app(s) and throws a light on the solutions offered to the challenges faced during the development phase. Right from the inception of the idea to the intelligent allocation system, and service, each aspect is explained, as well as how each piece fits together to create an instant massage service app on the market.

The case study will give you insight on the following:

  • Delayed massage service other businesses are following.
  • Juggernaut’s map based matching system that finds therapists from around ones location and how it works.
  • Features and operations of both Get Angels Now Customer and Business app.
  • How Get Angels Now was built to last and take advantage on trends in the On-Demand space.

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