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Diwali Reels: Here’s how your local business can ace them

By Tahira Bhasin 21st October 2022

Right before the festive vibe starts kicking in, a must-do for your Instagram marketing is Reels. 

Reels are the most useful trick to catch eye-balls of your potential customers. They are quick, trendy and could be very appealing too, depending on how they are made. 

So, here is a quick guide for local businesses on how they should make their reels and market their business on Diwali. 

Let’s get rolling.

What are Reels? 

For the uninitiated, reels are short videos of a duration upto 30 secs. In the video, you could be acting, walking on a song or doing anything funny as well. But, it’s not just that. 

Reels are a creative tool to tell customers more about your products in an entertaining way. 

For eg. Clothing brands such as The Loom have an extensive reels strategy. They launch new products, accessories and even give out educational content through reels. 

Why does your local business need Reels?

Now, you know the scope and popularity of reels. With reels, you can reach a wider audience and can give more visibility to your brand. 

We can fairly say that all your target audience do watch reels and as a business it’s the right opportunity. 

And these are not only for entertainment, experts believe that these videos are attention worthy and can stay longer in the mind of the users as compared to any other picture or text. 

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More and more businesses are taking the advantage of reels to gain their customers as well as potential prospects’ attention.

Moreover, local businesses can benefit a lot from such type of content. 

Here are a few bonus points your local business can earn by creating reels. 


Creating reels is one of the most impactful marketing strategies, you can own while you choose to connect with audiences during this festive mood. Since Diwali is round the corner, most of the people will be on vacation and will spend much of their time scrolling the reels. Your business can get huge attention through it. Think about it and use the golden time to yield the desirable results. 

Brand building

Reels are a great way to catch your audiences’ attention. But, they also contribute to brand building. The more reels your audience comes across, the more likely they are to remember your brand. Reels can even be saved and referred back to later which gives you a great opportunity in brand building. 

Budget friendly

Another good reason to vouch on creating diwali reels is that as compared to other marketing initiatives, the process of creating reels and then promoting it on social media is a cost-effective strategy. You can expect higher turnover and a better ROI with less investment. All you need is a phone with a camera and some creativity to go with it. 


As we have mentioned earlier, once you start with the reels, your business can get the advantage of outreaching the global audiences. Reels can be shared to any demographic location. If your product has the calibre, you can think of making a sound on social media and can attract your audiences. So, instead of investing money on certain campaigns, you can think of choosing an exclusive topic and create reels on it. 

Diwali Reels: How to make and promote them !

If it is your first time, it might make you a little nervous. But, trust us, with time, you will get great at it. 

Here is the list of important points that should be kept in focus while getting started with reels. 

Prepare the content beforehand

Before you start filming the reels, it is important to get started with the preparation of the content. As you are going to focus more on the diwali festival, you can create content related to it. 

You can choose to pick:

  1. Informational content
  2. Discount announcement content
  3. Recreational content
  4. Product driven content 

As per your convenience and requirement, you can choose either one domain or can pick all of them one by one. 

Look what others are doing

You can check the trends that are going viral on the channel. It will help you to understand what should be your priority pick and you can rather create a whole list of reels which you want to go ahead with.  Always look for what others are doing and get a chance to stay one step ahead from them.

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Check for a good and relevant background

If you want to make reels that can attract your potential audiences for this diwali, it is important to choose for a perfect background. It helps in adding the visual component to the video and helps in capturing the attention of your audiences. 

Stay consistent with your postings

Lastly, it is important to go for a regular posting of the reels. As you are focused on bringing more customers to escalate your local business sales, it is important to stay attentive and active with the reel postings. 

Choose trending music

It has been seen that reels with trending music tend to have a wider reach. And the wider the reach, the more likely it is to get you customers and increase your social media following. 

Let’s make this Diwali- a huge celebration for your business.

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