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5 ways for delivery businesses to create seamless customer experience

By Team Tookan 2nd May 2016

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Last year’s Fortune Global Forum was based on the research that asked 5,247 C-suite executives in 70 countries worldwide “what kept them awake at nights”. Their big concern, disruption, turns out stems from what has been labeled as an “Uber Syndrome” – where a competitor with a completely different business model enters your industry and flattens you.

According to the research, successful leaders focus more on customers and less on competitors. Given that the probability a competitor who disrupts you will be from the industry other than yours, absolute focus on customers is a mantra that holds true for every business.

Uber, Postmates, Instacart, and Sprig, among others, have shown the potential of technology to power customer-convenience centered value propositions.  With commoditization of technology building such platforms from scratch is no longer a pre-requisite. You, as a small business, can use SaaS solutions such as Tookan to offer Uber like experience to your customers. Here are 5 ways Tookan helps you to design seamless experiences for your customers.

1. End the anxiety of your customer by giving them the option to track real time

Let’s assume you run a restaurant delivery service business. Or your restaurant also provides doorstep delivery service. Someone in your team has to spend significant time fielding calls about ETA of delivery orders. What if you give end to end tracking abilities to your customers?

It’s clear that this move will free up significant number of man hours that can be put to a more effective use. Besides, every anxious minute your customer spends waiting for the order you are inviting negative energy against your brand. More so if this delay makes them look bad in social setting where that are playing a host.

Customer facing experience has been the front and center of Tookan’s design philosophy. Customers use different interfaces to get in touch with your business. Assuming that you capture the customer’s contact number, we send him a tracking link via an SMS. Tracking link provides the real time location of the assigned delivery person. Besides, the customer gets the ability to interact with the assigned provider.

Real-Time Tracking

 2. Personalizing the experience

Let’s assume you run a flower delivery business. A delivery request is greeted with an impersonal “How can I help you?” With no specific way to track the history of the person calling in, you can’t personalize the experience of your customers.

If you had a database of the previous history, you could have quickly searched the phone number against the database. This would have given you an access to the person’s name along with order history.

How can Tookan help doing this?

Tookan enables you to access the existing customer data and order history. You’ll be able to see the complete buying pattern of your customer and it will help you manage the data in an effective manner.  You can also import the data of your old customers in Tookan dashboard via CSV file. We have open API’s with which you can integrate Tookan to your app or website. This would ensure that customer’s information would be directly passed on to Tookan.

Screen-Shot-2016-05-02-at-6.19.04-PM-1-1-e14621958715173. Keep the customer in the loop at all times

Lets look at an ideal engagement during the delivery cycle –

a. Customer places an order – As soon as you receive an order you send a notification acknowledging the receipt.

b. Service Provider (SP) or a Delivery Person (DP) is allocated – Send another notification with the profile and the contact information of the allocated provider.

c. SP or DP is on the way – Send customer a tracking link to check the position of the allocated provider in real time.

d. SP or DP has arrived at the location

e. SP or DP has successfully completed the task or failed in the quest – Send a confirmation receipt with the delivery/service rendered details.

Notifying the customer at different steps is critical for ensuring engaging customer experiences. Tookan completely automates the communication process by sending customized notifications to the customers. As a business owner you can define specific triggers to fire custom notifications according to your workflows.

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4. Start fulfilling the promises –

Customer Service 101 says that any promise you make to your customers is sacrosanct and can’t be broken without impacting the relationship. When you are in the business of deliveries or have a team that provides services to your customers at their doorsteps things become a lot more complicated. No technology can help anticipate all the problems that can arise. But having a solid mobile workforce management platform controlling and automating different aspects things become a lot more simpler.

Tools of the trade –

a. Efficient well oiled logistics network – characterized by the ability to automate the allocation of new tasks to the workforce in real time, manually intervene basis continuous tracking of the workforce, a solid scheduling engine and optimize route allocation.

b. Continuous analysis and action basis the past data.

5. Ask customers about their experience

Customer feedback is an important source for improving and addressing the needs and wants of the customer in better way.

a. Measure level of customer satisfaction – By measuring customer satisfaction a business can determine whether the product or service is meeting or exceeding the expectations.

b. Improve the product or service – Repeated feedback on particular aspects is a good place to start correcting systemic failures.

c. Identify customer advocates for your offerings – Customer advocates are your best promotional means at low cost. You can contact these customers and make effort in building stronger bonds and, mutually-beneficial relationships for future business.


Get in touch with our support team if you are not yet convinced on how Tookan can help you improve customer experience.

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