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Make Money at Home By Creating a Freelancer Marketplace like UpWork/Fiverr

By Tannu Sharma 3rd July 2020

Working as a freelancer has grown in popularity over the years. In the past, being a successful freelancer meant networking with business officials in person in order to find jobs.This is a great business idea to begin with. As the need for freelancers has grown in today’s world, so have the number of platforms like UpWork/Fiverr to help companies and freelancers connect with each other. Something that was once considered a side job is now a major employment option for many.

What is UpWork/Fiverr?

With companies like UpWork/Fiverr, there are tonnes of job postings online under one platform. This means that freelancers can stay at home and build a career just by using one of these platforms. What UpWork/Fiverr does is create a freelance marketplace for people with many different kinds of skills. Graphic designers, yoga instructors, audio/video producers, or just about any other skilled individuals can find jobs at an online marketplace like UpWork/Fiverr. 

The thing about freelancers is that they’re always looking for platforms like these to get more workflow. UpWork, Fiverr, and Freelancer.com have seen immense growth in recent years and are some of the most established online platforms for freelancers.

Benefits of a Freelancer Marketplace

A freelancer marketplace connects individual professionals with businesses. A platform like this saves a great deal of time when it comes to finding work and getting work done, thereby benefiting both parties. Companies get to cut costs and freelancers get more work done in a lesser amount of time. 

With the advent of globalisation, the reach for professionals is now spread throughout the world and there is an undeniable and growing need for freelancers today. A report by UpWork said that 80% of large corporations are expected to increase their use of freelancers.

Create your own Freelancer Marketplace

Because this is a field that is expected to grow over the years to come, creating your own freelancer marketplace could be the next best thing. By creating this platform, you get to oversee and filter the content while also making money from every transaction that takes place. You have the power to create a marketplace where freelancers and businesses can connect with each other.  

You might be wondering how you can do this. Something that you may have assumed was complicated is quite easy to accomplish, in fact, you can create your own freelancer marketplace in just a few minutes using Husky. Husky is an online freelancer marketplace platform creator that lets you build apps like Upwork or Fiverr to hire independent professionals for any task you like online. 

Features of Husky

Husky lets you build dynamic apps and websites with all the tools you need for a successful freelancer marketplace. Set your own filters, create an effective bidding strategy, and oversee payments with the ease of online payment methods. 

As an admin, you can create dynamic themes for your application or website, manage sellers, oversee commissions and settlements, and get a separate filtered view of projects. Freelancers and companies get multiple benefits too. Payment gateways include a tip and tax option allowing freelancers a chance to earn more based on their performance. The integrated chat support allows freelancers and project owners to discuss important matters and even settle disputes between themselves. 

These are just some of the exciting features that Husky offers. Check out Husky for a more detailed overview of how to set up your own freelancer marketplace. 

The Future of Work

The online marketplace is a popular trend in business today, one of which is the online freelancer marketplace. A major chunk of the workforce is currently operating under the freelancer market, which is expected to grow over the next few years. Although there are established freelancer marketplace platforms, any innovation in the field can put your company on top of the game. Freelance is the future of work and you can be a part of that! 

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