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Connect Multiple apps with Tookan using Zapier

By Team Tookan 4th September 2017

Field force management just got better with Tookan and Zapier.

With so many websites and apps accessible to people today, businesses normally have their customers from myriad platforms. Managing data across all those platforms is difficult as well as time consuming.

With Zapier, Tookan users can put an end to this tiring job of syncing data across different sources of business. Zapier is an automation platform which lets you connect {your website or app – Tookan} with more than 500 applications. Through triggers and actions, you can push data from one app to another. Every connection is called a ‘Zap’ using which you can get your orders, tasks, bookings through different applications on a single interface.

Tookan can be seamlessly integrated with any application using Zapier. Here are a few apps that will benefit you in your business when connected with Tookan. {We’ve created a few Zap templates for you to start with}

    • Shopify
      From order placement to delivery to checking status; you can sync everything from your Shopify website to Tookan app and dashboard. Make a Shopify and Tookan Zap and get benefit of Shopify’s following triggers:

      • New Product
      • New Abandoned Cart
      • New Customer
      • New Paid Order
      • Updated Order
      • New Cancelled Order
      • New Order
      • New Order (Any Status)
      • New Blog Entry
      Woocommerce Tookan
      Woocommerce Tookan
      Tookan Woocommerce

      Add Tookan delivery tasks for new Shopify orders Use this Zap

      Use this Zap

Make use of these triggers to automate order placement and receive real-time updates on Tookan.

  • WooCommerce
    Connect your e-commerce website with Tookan and receive orders directly on your Tookan dashboard. WooCommerce provides 8 triggers using which you can create action in Tookan. Here is how you can create a Zap and use it to receive new orders.

    Woocommerce Tookan
    Woocommerce Tookan
    Tookan Woocommerce

    Make Tookan delivery tasks for new WooCommerce orders

    Use this Zap

  • Google Sheets
    Are you managing your orders on Google Sheets? The good news is that you can even automate your orders through Google Sheets on Tookan. Here are the triggers that you can utilise to create actions in Tookan.

    Woocommerce Tookan
    Woocommerce Tookan
    Tookan Woocommerce

    Create Tookan delivery tasks from new rows in a Google Sheet

    Use this Zap

  • Appointlet
    Businesses with Appointment workflow can automate their operations using Appointlet
    and Tookan Zap. Appointlet has triggers that help you automate your bookings and
    appointments. For new appointments, Tookan will create an appointment task once
    triggered from the website. There are reminder triggers as well so that your agents do
    not forget about their bookings and reach in time.

    Woocommerce Tookan
    Woocommerce Tookan
    Tookan Woocommerce

    Schedule Tookan Appointment tasks with triggers of Appointlet

    Use this Zap

Connect as many apps you want and scale your business with Tookan and Zapier

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