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Common Mistakes of Online Food Delivery Business

By Guest User 29th May 2017

The food delivery market stands at 83 billion pounds as per the reports by Mckinsey. With the advent of digital technology, more and more food delivery businesses are moving online rapidly. Evidently, food delivery is not just about pizza delivery anymore. Consumers don’t just want to shop online but order food as well with the same convenience and result. However, F&B industry has a lot of hidden challenges that one must foresee before deciding to get the business online.

  • Food Quality

This goes without saying that you need to have the best quality food for your customers to keep coming back to you. However, food quality is often compromised in case of online food deliveries. Even if you have delivered the meal before delivery time, if your food quality is not good, nothing matters.

  • On-time delivery

On-time delivery holds utmost importance in food delivery, because its food and not a dress that can be delivered some other time. A hungry customer is an angry customer. Thus, when you arrive late with somebody’s food, you will definitely get a poor rating. Also, the customer will not order again unless your food was extraordinary and worth the wait.

Do not over promise and under deliver.

Majority of the food delivery startups fail because of inefficiency in on-time deliveries. Looking close to food delivery niche, we found out how you can learn from the common mistakes of online food delivery business.

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