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Chinese Apps Banned in India: A Chance for Indian Entrepreneurs to Shine?

By Tannu Sharma 2nd July 2020

“Good Ideas are the backbone of the good government”- Brian Schweitzer

Before starting, let me say it out loud that I am not a very political person. Like any other Indian, I have my opinionated voice irrespective of who stands in the power. Two days ago, a sudden announcement made me proud to be an Indian! 

Our honourable Prime Minister has taken the much-needed step to ban around 59 Chinese apps.  Now, this is a decision that makes me proud and optimistic about being Indian. The future is ours. This much-awaited decision has opened many doors for Indian entrepreneurs.

The Welcoming Move 

For years, Indians faced immense competition and risked being gobbled up by the Chinese market which had overtaken the monopoly. Economists believe that the coming time will mark a growth graph for Indian entrepreneurs. 

How Will this Decision Impact Indian Entrepreneurs? 

The current economic reforms in India showcases the true potential of the Indian market. The indomitable spirit of Indians is beyond imagination. The rise of the “Make in India” concept has changed the outlook of consumers for  the Indian entrepreneurs. People are ready to choose Indian products over other products. The idea of “Be vocal for localis a hit in the nation.

In a nutshell, this is a golden time for Indian entrepreneurs to start focusing on building their own empire. The stars are with you! All the Indians out there, buckle up. Time to rise and shine!

Indian Market Size:

Here are a few snippets about the Indian market  that everyone should know:

  • Indians purchasing power is escalating at a higher rate, making it the largest growing electronic market in the world.
  • Indian mobile market will touch 829 million users by 2023.
  • The Consumer Durables Index reaches up to 6.8 per cent in Jan 2020
  • 1 Indian consumer is said to spend nearly USD 6 trillion by 2030


The Pursuit of Opportunities 

So, the big question here is how to begin with it? Do you have a business idea or are still looking to find a vertical that suits you? You can go ahead with an informative guide to business ideas or can always talk to us. 

On  the other hand, if you have an existing business model, it’s time for an upgrade. You can always choose local technology to make your business compatible with the market demands. Or else, for a home-based business set-up, you can build your own marketplace and connect with your audiences. 


We have never been so lucky on our land. Here is one in a million opportunity waiting for you. Avail it before it goes! For further discussion, let’s catch up over a coffee!

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