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Be Vocal for Local: Support the Indian Economy During the COVID-19 Crisis

By Saba Arif 18th May 2020

Last week, the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation about the importance of local manufacturing and supply chains amid the COVID-19 crisis. Coining the phrase, “Vocal for Local”, he asserted that it is the need of the hour for the nation to come together to encourage local businesses and products. 

“It is time to be vocal about local. We have to make local our motto. Global brands began locally. But when their people started marketing and branding, they became global. Every Indian should be vocal for local.” he said.

Shedding light on the importance of using products that are made in India and ‘Atma-Nirbharta’ (self-reliance), he asserted that the country needs a boost to its economy that can also simultaneously transform local businesses. He also said that the khadi and village industries had successfully transitioned from local to global and could be a case study for all other local industries and enterprises. 

What does all this mean to you, you ask? If you’re wondering how to be more ‘vocal for local’, read on to learn more about the best ways you can make your business go local too!

Why Go Vocal For Local

In times of distress, it is important to step up and do everything we can to help revive the Indian economy and work towards equipping our businesses with the tools to tide through such circumstances. The best way to do this is by being completely self-reliant and calling for a new form of globalisation. 

By helping revive the Indian economy, we are helping create more jobs, transform business processes and strengthen efficiency. Profit-driven globalisation revealed multiple insecurities of countries when the pandemic began and multiplied these fears manifold overnight.

Be “Vocal For Local” To Go Global

By being vocal for local, we aren’t rejecting globalisation, but calling for a new form of it. Self-reliance in the new vision for India is neither exclusionary nor isolationist. Local has helped us through this crisis and has helped us survive. By improving our local manufacturing and productive efficiency, we can compete with the world as well as help the world.

To Create Jobs

Necessity is the mother of invention. Or in this case, scarcity is the mother of invention. In times like these, when jobs are hard to come by, it is important to adapt to the crisis by creating new jobs through innovative new methods. This could mean finally setting up your own dream business via an online marketplace, starting an online consulting business to help people in remote areas or any other great business idea on your mind! With incredible software solutions being developed, the possibilities are limitless!

Best Ways to Go Vocal For Local in Your Business

For an economically independent India, we need to rise to the occasion and support our local businesses. We need to create products and services that are made in India, made for India and also made for the world. We also need to refocus our strategies from being profit-driven to becoming more people-centric.

Don’t Just Buy, But Promote

There needs to be a greater focus on supporting local products. Homegrown products shouldn’t just be purchased but also actively promoted and marketed.  We need to encourage local manufacturing to improve supply chains across the country and boost the economy.  When Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation this week, he spoke about the strengths of the nation when it comes to stepping up in times of distress. 

Made by Indians, For the World!

Creating a self-reliant India means having to be completely self-sufficient and producing and supporting local businesses and services. It is very different from the earlier isolationist and protectionist movements around the world. A few other measures include trying to discourage imports and the procuring of domestic goods. Import substitution, an objective that drove nationalist economic policies in the 20th century, is back. 

We need to revive local industries that were previously taken for granted. It is time to usher in economic policies that produce sustainable incomes, aid in job creation and re-energize the local economy. With apps like Yelo, you can create your own online marketplace to serve the needs of citizens across the country. Tookan lets you deliver services to even the most remote areas via contactless delivery to ensure complete safety during the COVID-19 times.


The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has forced companies and businesses to rethink their operational strategies. Many businesses used this opportunity to boost production and exports. 

Services like Yelo, Tookan, Panther and Fugu are entirely local and made for a global audience. 

You can support local businesses and create your own local venture at the same time by signing up on any of our platforms. If you’re interested in being more vocal for local, get in touch with us now.

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