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Cash in on Marijuana boom: Become a Ganjapreneur

By Madhura Yale 3rd January 2018

Pot is a hot topic, even for those who don’t smoke it.

2017 marked a unifying turning point for the marijuana industry. The issue of legalization broke free from traditional conservative-liberal boundaries, with the majority of Americans supporting the end of marijuana prohibition. The government declared a public health emergency and a mountain of real-world and clinical evidence continued to validate marijuana as a tool to manage pain.

By legalizing both recreational and medical marijuana, states have opened up a new industry—one that people are clamoring to take advantage of. National prohibitions against interstate cannabis commerce and federal banking and drug laws are keeping big companies at bay, which opens the door for small businesses and startups. Call it Uber for weed or simply an on-demand at-home marijuana or cannabis delivery service, the point is the same: you can pretty much set up a business to get orders online.

Ganjapreneur (an entrepreneur selling cannabis or ganja), has recently gained importance in various parts of the world. With cannabis industry expected to pump in US $22 Billion only in the US by 2021, one can only imagine the rate at which the size of the industry is exploding and the business opportunities it has to offer. The scope of business ideas is not just limited to cultivating cannabis, but also extends to selling and distributing, contracting, tech solutions to ensure quality, consultation etc.

How To Start Your Own Uber Like App For Ordering Marijuana?

You can start your own online counter of Marijuana by using our “On-demand service platform” powered by Jungle Works. We will provide a complete suite that will enable you to access your clients for your services and support. JungleWorks provides on-demand operating solutions to Ganjapreneurs and enterprises looking to provide an omnichannel experience to their clients.

  1. Online storefront – Yelo
  2. Delivery management – Tookan
  3. Customer communication – Fugu 
  4. Analytics – Kato

Interestingly, there are few players in the industry promise instant delivery of marijuana, maximum being an hour, leave aside the concept of same-day delivery or two-day delivery. Imagine a situation where there is a chronic patient in pain and needs an immediate pain relief. Instant delivery works as the only savior in a situation like this. So, as the industry rides high on deliveries, it becomes extremely important for the players to ensure that there is no miss. Absolutely not! JungleWorks, with its advanced operation management solutions, optimizes your deliveries with utmost efficiency and could let your clients stay in peace and style. And yes, on time!

So, if you are an entrepreneur wanting to explore the fascinating Marijuana on-demand delivery segment, or even if you are already an existing player, JungleWorks would certainly work it out for you.

You take care of the Pot. Let us take care of business. Sure-shot growth on the cards!

You can click here for details or reach out to us at contact@tookanapp.com for any queries.

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