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Byju’s Acquires WhiteHat Jr – What This Means for Online Education

By Deepak Digwal 7th August 2020

The world of online education is firing up over the news of the latest acquisition. On 5th August 2020, Byju’s acquired WhiteHat Jr in a $300 million cash deal. The merger of two of the top ed-tech companies in India is bound to bring about innovation and advancements to the burgeoning online education industry.

While Byju’s specialises in classroom syllabus and entrance exams preparations, WhiteHat Jr specialises in teaching children how to become programmers. This acquisition will help Byju’s cater to a wider market and increase the scope of their education platform. The growing success of ed-tech platforms like Byju’s has got many wondering about how to teach a live class online.

online education

This acquisition comes at a time when more and more students are turning to online education to continue their learning in the face of a pandemic. This increasing dependence on online education has created new opportunities for tutors and educational organisations to expand their business. Step into the world of education and technology by setting up your own tutoring business.

While considering how to build a tutoring business from scratch, look for a platform that offers in-built features that enable you to manage your online coaching business.

Why Choose an Online Education Business

One of the greatest benefits of online education is that it allows tutors to connect with students from across the globe. While setting up an online tutoring website, be sure to choose a platform that allows you to connect with students over different modes such as voice calls and video calls. Managing all communication from within the platform will help you maintain safety and privacy without compromising connectivity.

Conduct Data-Driven Online Classes

The online platform allows you to streamline the data collection process. It enables you to keep track of daily classes, the number of students, revenue produced and more. Generate comprehensive data on how and where resources are being spent and create your business strategy accordingly. With a tech-suite like Panther that lets you set up your tutoring platform and collate data effectively, you no longer have to wonder how to start an online tutoring business.

Employ the Latest Educational Tools

Online education is still a fairly recent model of teaching. Most students and parents still have concerns regarding the quality of education that can be expected from an online medium. Assuage those fears by setting up an efficient system to track improvement, attendance and student engagement. Platforms like Panther also offer a notification feature that sends students and teachers automated reminders about upcoming classes. Additionally, the web-scheduler ensures that both parties are well-aware of the schedule and can plan their studies accordingly.

If you are looking for resources on how to teach live online classes, look no further than Panther. Panther is an online consulting platform creator that lets you set up your own tutoring platform with minimal effort. It is equipped with functionalities such as end-to-end encrypted chats, audio and video calls and appointment scheduling.

With features such as screen-sharing and one-to-one and one-to-many call sessions, conducting online classes have never been easier. Visit the website and build your tutoring business today!
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