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Building an eLearning Platform from Scratch!

By Zeba Yasmeen 23rd June 2021
eLearning Platform

The education industry was always evolving, even before the pandemic started. But, 2020 turned out to be a monumental year when eLearning platform started operating at full capacity. The pandemic and the consequent nationwide lockdowns catapulted the eLearning industry to the top. Elearning platform offers easy access to education through a mobile app or a website. Courses could be accessed anytime, anywhere. 

Investors and educators are now trying to seize the growing eLearning market. The global eLearning market is projected to reach up to $375 billion by 2026 from $200 billion in 2019 at a CAGR of 8%. Also, according to recent reports, there is an increasing demand to hire eLearning app developers. As eLearning apps are the third most installed apps with a download rate of 8.47%.

Undoubtedly, investing in eLearning app development is highly profitable. And it is the future for online academies and tutors. The demand for eLearning platform has never been higher. And certainly, it is the perfect sector and time to earn massive profits. Are you wondering how to build an eLearning platform of your own? Well, this comprehensive guide is the only thing you will need.

Major Challenges to Build an eLearning Platform from Scratch

If you are set to develop an eLearning platform, there are two ways of doing it. You can either do it in-house or take the help of a third-party app development company. Let’s talk about the most common problems you may encounter when you are developing an eLearning app from scratch in-house – 

eLearning Platform

1. Lack of Expert Personnel

If you are developing in-house, you may have a development team who might be good at a wide range of domains. But the eLearning platform business requires highly specialized skills. The target audience of the eLearning market is very diverse. And someone developing an app for such a dynamic audience must have extensive experience in handling every nuance of the eLearning software. The application should perform well on any hardware. And above all, it should be user-friendly. Tackling all this is a big challenge without experts in your team.

To counter such challenges, you need a dedicated team with skilled UI/UX designers and experienced software engineers. A dedicated team will be able to create an intelligent app with a smart and user-friendly interface. It enables people with varied computer literacy to use your application without a challenge. They can optimize the app to run even on less powerful smartphones and tablets. Thus for an eLearning application, always hire experts to compensate for the lack of expertise you have in building an application.

2. Dealing with Unrealistic Deadlines

Everyone knows how difficult it is to deal with unrealistic deadlines. Miscalculated deadlines may result in decreased product quality. This leads to overspending on the project for the time that has lapsed. To counter this challenge and make time work in your favor, you need a dedicated project manager. 

A project manager will manage the entire team, set the correct deadlines, and oversee the app development. They ensure that the app is built on solid technical specifications. Moreover, they also ensure that the business has control over the budget. A project manager will also optimize the entire development process, breaking down each task into small sprints so that the developers complete the task on time. 

3. Tight Budget

Many eLearning applications offer poor quality of service due to limited financial resources. Remember, not all eLearning app development businesses come with unlimited budgets. If there isn’t enough budget to cover all the expenses, you will have to get your work done with what you have got.

Before starting an eLearning platform, prepare a realistic estimate of all the expenses. Otherwise, you may have to forego your profit margin to deliver the product on time by meeting customer expectations. You can consider hiring a scrum master and a business analyst as a part of your team. So that, they can track the timeline and not overshoot the expenses.

Expand Your Reach Exponentially with Panther

The challenges mentioned above may look daunting for you to enter the eLearning industry. Hiring experts like project managers, business analysts, and scrum masters may not be feasible for your business. This is where Panther, an eLearning app development software, can help you out. 

Our client-first approach allows us to guide you through your app development process. Furthermore, we offer technical support by experts even after the launch. Our vision is to create a platform where app development will be as easy as learning alphabets. 

You don’t need to start app building from scratch. Panther offers a library of features such as:

  • Real-time audio and video chat for clients. This helps to instantly connect with experts on audio/video calls through an end-to-end encrypted channel.
  • Smart catalog manager where admins can manage service providers on a single dashboard.
  • Push notifications, alerting clients and students about courses and events.
  • Multiple payment gateways for seamless transactions.
  • A robust data protection system to protect your business from any data breaches.
  • Customizable themes offer you a variety of options to design your app.
  • Our advanced analytics and report data will help you optimize your business process and stay ahead of your competitors.


2021 is all set to make eLearning even more prominent. Several global trends due to the rapid expansion of technology have resulted in a massive revolution in the education sector. Interactive learning through advanced technologies such as gaming, AR, VR, and Artificial Intelligence allows applications to communicate effectively with the users. It automatically adjusts to their level of knowledge. And as a result, it offers a more personalized experience. Such technologies, when combined with a powerful eLearning platform, can work wonders for your teaching business.

In addition, with the rising opportunities in the eLearning market and the growing necessity to offer education with easy access, now is the right time to launch your eLearning business. However, eLearning app development requires experts. Thanks to platforms like Panther, you don’t have to go through all the hardship to build an app. If you have an eLearning platform idea, partner with Panther and build apps with little to no technical expertise. 

Get in touch with Panther and start your online teaching business right away.

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