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Starts at $12

Rebranding (higher plans)
WhatsApp Integration
Branded Mobile Apps (higher plans)
Unlimited Emails
Cloud Telephony (higher plans)
Team Management (higher plans)
Email Templates (higher plans)
Unlimited Pipelines (higher plans)

Things to consider in a good CRM tool


Customer Relationship Management tools include databases which are used for instant searches. Syncing of information across multiple devices and to provide the most up-to-date and accurate customer information from any access point.


A CRM tool with less monthly recurring cost helps to save money and hence improves ROI, and helps for a long term.

Mobile Solution

Mobile devices like smartphones are used by everyone thus making the CRM tool mobile is quite useful and handy. Employees can view data and get valuable alerts about campaigns on a mobile device.

Easy Integration

Integration of organizational processes across marketing, sales, and customer service. Other integrations like chat systems, call centre automation, web analytics, and databases are worth considering.

Reasons to choose Bulbul CRM

Team Collaboration

  • Easily invite team members and assign leads to them.
  • Schedule Activities and set reminders for your team members.
  • Systematically manage roles and set the access levels of data sharing.

Client Management

  • Store and manage client information
  • Feed leads directly to different sales pipelines.
  • Track your client calls, email conversation and contact history.

Insights and Reports

  • Custom filters to sort deals as per deal owners or stages
  • Get detailed reports of your deals in just a few clicks
  • Kanban board for easy management of lead stages.

Email Tracking

  • Set up an email journey with attractive templates for easy follow-ups
  • Track emails with your Gmail address.
  • And more...

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