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Boost your business with the CRM integration in Tiger Rentals

By Avijit Mandhata 15th April 2019

Customer-first approach is the only way to succeed for any business. The new Tiger P2P platform comes with a robust CRM integration to help boost your business. Segment your customers, personalize your promotions and improve your customer support through the Bulbul integration.

Some Key Advantages of CRM integration:

  1. Segment your customers by analysing customer activity in your marketplace. Reward loyal customers and build promotions to improve customer retention.
  2. Know what’s selling and what’s not, manage your inventory efficiently knowing what’s the most sought product/service.
  3. Personalise your promotions according to customer behaviour. Push the right message to the right customer at the right time.
  4. Understanding the reasons why customers are dropping. Identify the exit path where customers fall out of your digital store.
  5. Segment and categorise the customer list and send out emails on the click of a button.
  6. Provide customer history data to your sales executive which will help in upsell and cross-sell.
  7. Improve your customer satisfaction by recognising your customer. The CRM data will provide the support team which customer personal information.

How does it work?

Now manage your customer relations and your online store from a single place.
This is a feature that will help you fetch all the data from your marketplace and set it up correctly in your CRM platform. It is 1-way sync that sends all the data from your market to Bulbul CRM and creates a new deal for every customer sign up. E.g. If the customer is interested in any product or service and clicks on rent/buy, the data is pushed to Bulbul under the same deal id.

To access it, the user needs to login to Bulbul.io with the same admin login credentials that he/she has used for the marketplace and then start using it.

Try out Tiger Rentals, get inspired and start your entrepreneur journey with us.

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