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3 Critical Features of Route Optimization You Cannot Miss

What if your driver has to put himself on a loop to cover multiple deliveries by moving back and forth rather than covering the same in a rationally smooth path?

Of course, this kind of idea is required.

Route optimization software rescues you from hours of manual planning and provides you the most efficient route for your agent/driver. Optimized routes avoid unnecessary consumption of fuel and save substantial costs to your business. It helps you manage routes with hundreds of stops in seconds and receive the shortest, less crowded and the most efficient routes.

The Three Critical Features

* ETA- The route may consist of several tasks. With the updated feature of Route Optimization, now get ETA for your tasks that consider other tasks in that route. Because being ACCURATE is VERY IMPORTANT.

* Routes- The complete route assigned to a particular driver can be viewed by the admin from the Tookan Dashboard through “Routes” option and the whole route can also be assigned to any other preferred driver.

* Start Location and End Location- Now, you can optimize routes by entering the End Location as well, along with the start location for the better results. For instance, if you want your agent to return to the same location after completing the route, this feature might solve your use case.

Route Optimization provides much more, apart from these features and Tookan always looks into keeping the software up-to-date based on real-time and user demands.

The complete delivery suite, Tookan, reduces operational cost with higher efficiency through Route Optimization App.

Visit Tookan Marketplace and try out the Route Optimization app now!


Please refer to the following link to guide yourselves through Route Optimization along with an accompanying demo to illustrate the working.


Happy Routing!

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