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Best Secure Alternative to Zoom Video Conferencing App: Fugu

By Tannu Sharma 30th April 2020
Zoom VS Fugu

Coronavirus has put millions of professionals to work from home. The new remote work culture and social distancing entail the need to use a video conferencing tool to replicate in-person meetings. In the initial lockdown phase, Zoom has exploded in popularity as one of the absolute choices for video conferencing. But it also happens to be one of the scariest privacy nightmares

The spike in the number of concerns raised over the security and privacy clause of the Zoom app has resulted in imposing a complete ban over its usage. The major tech giants have forbidden their employees from using it, citing the major security and privacy issues. 

Tech Giants That Have Banned Zoom:

  • Google: Latest company in the list to outright the ban 
  • SpaceX
  • Smart Communications
  • NASA

The Fallout

The sudden rise in the prominence of Zoom worldwide is considered one of the contributing factors. From the users’ count of 10 million in December 2019 to 200 million in March 2020, Zoom’s security has been marred significantly. As claimed by the company, the app offers an end to end encryption. However, as per the latest findings, Zoom fails to establish and use E2EE for video calls. This accounts for a serious breach of security. Apart from it, there are other sloppy breaches that make Zoom- the worst nightmare. 

  • Susceptible routing of data
  • Doubtful encryption
  • Easy Zoomboombing

Recently, a 16- page advisory was issued by MHA, India stating that  “Zoom is not a safe platform”. After the tech companies, the government officials had cautioned the users against the fragility and vulnerability of the app. 

What Next?

Fugu stepped up with its exclusive features to offer the best secure video conferencing alternative to Zoom. Business meetings, online classes, or family virtual get together- everything can be done with a single platform. And that too; without compromising with any of the security and privacy clauses of the users. We don’t want you to let down your expectations with high-quality video calls; especially during this quarantine time. 

Why Fugu is the Best Secure Alternative to Zoom?

Fugu is an all-rounder team chat app that allows you to swiftly invite users to join the video meeting via a single link. The versatile video conferencing app allows you to connect with around 50 callers in a single call without any drop in the quality. If you have remote teams and are worried about syncing them together for a group discussion or a screen sharing task, Fugu helps you seamlessly. 

Here are the Key Features of Fugu:

  • Secure conversation
  • Polls/Voting
  • File sharing
  • App notification
  • Instant video meetings with a password-protected link
  • Electronic hand-raising gesture
  • Endless chats/ messaging

Before You Make the Decision

The video meeting market is gaining its high popularity amid this lockdown period. COVID-19 pandemic might take some time to sweep away. In times like these, don’t let your team performance suffered because of a lack of coordination! It’s time to make an informed decision and pick the best secure alternative to Zoom.

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