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    What Are The Best Delivery Management Software of 2023?

    The on-demand delivery business is a great way to tap into the growing market and run a sustainable enterprise. But like any other business, you need the right software and tools to manage your day-to-day operations seamlessly. With a delivery business, you need to track orders, manage your fleet efficiently, incentivize driver-partners, and optimize your […]

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    Top 5 Route Optimization Softwares of 2023

    Top 5 Route Optimization Software in 2021

    Before we dive into the top 5 Route optimization software list, let’s understand what is a Route optimization software, generally called a route planning software. A Route planning software is a tool that helps to plan and optimize transportation routes. It considers various factors such as distance, time, traffic, and vehicle capabilities to determine the […]

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    How to Create a Delivery App?

    create your own delivery app: Tookan | Jungleworks

    Here are the steps to create a delivery app The delivery sector is one of the only sectors that was booming during the coronavirus pandemic and it has not stopped since. Every business wants to build delivery app for their business. In the UK, the delivery business has grown by 11.5% while restaurants struggle to […]

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    Integrate your Shopify Account with Tookan for Smart Delivery Management

    Integrate your Shopify Account with Tookan for Smart Delivery Management

    The Tookan integration with Shopify grows your business by seamlessly weaving together, order management and delivery management software. Tookan and Shopify integration brings guaranteed ROI and puts your business operations on autopilot. Every time you receive an order on Shopify it will automatically be pushed to Tookan and further auto-assigned to your delivery boys. This […]

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    7 Last-mile delivery challenges. Here’s how to solve them

    last mile delivery challenges: this is how Tookan can help

    The continuous growth of the e-commerce industry has resulted in a transformation within the global marketplace. In the year 2020 alone, consumers spent in the excess of 860 billion USD on online shopping. This was a whopping 44% rise from the earlier year. When we take into consideration the shipping logistics of the online shopping […]

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    Failed startups could be food for thought for newbies in 2022


    The last 2 years witnessed a significant number of startups attracting millions of dollars in funding because of their disruptive business models. Their valuations have surged immensely, but many of them are now in trouble.  CNN+ debuted on March 29, 2022, and shuts down in just one month on April 30, 2022. Another startup, Fast […]

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    How to Optimize Delivery Operations for Your Business? Here are the best parameters.

    How to Optimize Delivery Operations for Your Business? Tookan

    Delivering an item at the customer’s door is becoming a complex job today. The evolving customer preferences for receiving an item require businesses to find the best ways for delivering, warrants the organizations to innovate, improve, and focus on delivery optimization. Every type of delivery service including food, groceries, parcels, medicine, etc. with its exclusive customer […]

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    6 Stages of Order Fulfilment: How Grocers Can Boost Their Online Order Processing 

    6 stages of order fulfillment: How Tookan can help

    In recent years, online grocers have become increasingly popular. However, this sector has further accelerated due to the COVID-19 crisis. In fact, a recent Mckinsey survey reported that online delivery orders have soared by about 50% during this pandemic and going to increase by 5-6 per cent this year. Despite this significant growth and potential […]

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    What’s Happening in Sri Lanka is Much More Than an Economic Crisis

    Sri Lanka Crisis 2022

    Bankrupt Sri Lanka asking its citizens abroad to send home cash after defaulting on 51 billion dollars in external debt.   The currency had fallen by 32% since the beginning of this year. There is no food. At least 5,000,00 Lankans have fallen into poverty in the last few months. There is no fuel. There are […]

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    The 2000s dot-com crash drained local businesses. Will history repeat itself in recession 2022?

    2000 dot-com crash: jungleworks can help in 2022

    Some Wall Street investors and businesses still recall the dot-com crash, and this year’s stock market route is gathering feelings of déjà vu. Recently, many e-commerce and other businesses have experienced a steep decline in sales, owing to consumers only buying necessities.  Well does it seems as if the early 2000s-style dot-com crash is knocking […]

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