Keeping Delivery Costs Down This Holiday Season

    In the current economic climate, keeping expenditure to a minimum is essential to the success of a small business. This extends all the way from overheads to delivery costs, the latter of which is challenging enough to keep down at the best of times, so you can imagine how difficult they can be to stay […]

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    3 Things Local Retailers Must do to Remain Competitive During the Holiday Season

    It’s the season to focus on holiday sales as the season is fast approaching. Most importantly, retailers now need to rethink and redefine the relationship between their stores and their customers.  The entire shopping experience has moved to customer’s laptops, bedrooms, and phones. This shift has therefore created great opportunities for retailers to streamline and manage […]

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    How Cleanly works: Insights about On-Demand Laundry Business Model, Logistics and Revenue

    On-demand Laundry Business Overview On-Demand laundry industry has attained an impressive height with every passing year. According to a recent study, it is revealed that the majority of the millennial populace don’t want to invest their valuable time in day-to-day household chores such as washing the clothes as they have other important assignments to attend […]

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    Meet JungleWorks this fall in Dubai, Japan, and Dublin!

    14 -18 Oct, GITEX, Dubai This October, catch us at the GITEX – The biggest & boldest technology expo in MENA & South Asia, at Dubai World Trade Centre for its 38th edition. The 5-day exhibition showcases some of the latest products and innovations from the world of technology, where some of the leading brands […]

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    Missions – Tookan’s Answer to Modern Age Operations Real Time Tracking Needs

    For a lot of enterprises that we work for, managing a team of multiple types of field agents is said to be one of the most tedious tasks operationally, especially when the service duration is longer. It involves so many variables, which needs to be monitored, logged and controlled by human labor. It takes a […]

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    Walmart’s New Spark Delivery Service: Delivery Wars Continue to Heat Up

    In June this year, Amazon announced “Amazon logistics”, a crowd-sourced delivery platform where they aimed to build and grow successful package delivery business. As a stark coincidence, Walmart announced yesterday the testing of “spark delivery service”, a pilot program which will deliver groceries directly to customers doorsteps. The race is certainly on to win hearts […]

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    5 Reasons Your Business Needs Field Service Management to Leverage Success

    Field Service Management is taking the business world by storm. It’s no wonder that recent statistics predict by 2020 the Field Service Management market will be valued at 3.5 Billion. This will have skyrocketed by 75% from 2010 when the industry first started. One big challenge that made business owners lose sleep was how to […]

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    Tookan Turns Three. A BIG Thank You

    After powering 16 million deliveries and 150K field agents in 180 countries, we’re thrilled to celebrate our 3rd consecutive year of success with you; Our Beloved and Valuable Clients! We’ve worked with hundreds of companies, delivering everything from food & groceries to petroleum & bikes. We have tracked field agents who brought beauty salons closer […]

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    A Dream called JungleWorks- Empowering the On Demand World

    People have asked us why did we start our company, but nobody liked the response they heard. It’s simple. We started it so that we don’t have to work for one. We built a place where ideas actually saw the light of the day. To create a world with no barriers to stop us, no […]

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    Freedom for Entrepreneurs: What does the 4th of July mean to Entrepreneurs

    The 4th of July is around the corner – it’s the right time for businesses to reflect upon their success, failure and appreciate the freedom they enjoy. Freedom is the most basic human right every American cherishes in his/her daily life. The freedom report indicates that “high freedom” companies dramatically outperform all others in terms […]

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