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    Why is CRM so important for your business in 2019?

    CRM is how you make that experience happen. If your company hasn’t invested in CRM yet, 2019 is the time to get on board or be left behind

    With today’s ultra-competitive market, organizations cannot afford to lag behind when it comes to their interactions with prospective clients and existing customers. Organizations are spending fortunes on CRM systems. And all the indications point to this figure only increasing in the foreseeable future. The latest forecasts from IT Intelligence markets predict that the global CRM […]

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    Do You Think Sales is a Numbers Game – You are Wrong

    Given the same product knowledge, abilities, experience and territory, why is the deal closure different for each individual. A few of them make 10 new contacts and a few make just one. Who is likely to sell more? This is a basic concept that is so far considered the indisputable secret of success in sales. […]

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    Yelo Discerned by Business Software Directory for Exceptional Design

    yelo Awards

    DefaultCustomReset Jungleworks is committed to providing businesses with innovative and revolutionary solutions. This is why we take pride in our latest accomplishment that highlights one of our products, Yelo, as an outstandingly designed solution for building and managing one’s online marketplace. Trusted business software review site, FinancesOnline, certified Yelo with the Premium Usability award for […]

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    Tookan introduces “Wearable assistive girlfriend tracker”: VR integrated with Tookan maps.

    Do you have a girlfriend? Are you worried to know the whereabouts of your girlfriend? Well then, you no longer need to use the tracking apps that can help you locate your girlfriend’s phone and let you know her whereabouts. You will be able to look cool and still know her whereabouts in the last […]

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    Why Is a Sales Process Important For Any Business

    In any organization, from a cafe in the corner to the multinational software company, sales determine the success of the product or service. Regardless of the product or service, your organization sells, or money spent on marketing, the primary goal remains to increase the revenue for the organization. A sales process helps you manage your […]

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    Meet us at JungleHunt, Dubai

    Will Investors Fund My Startup Idea? The recipe for a successful business: one new idea, strong enthusiasm, and seed capital. If the last ingredient is all you need, we’ll tell you where to get started. JungleWorks, Leading technology provider for on-demand business is hosting JungleHunt, a meet-up for budding entrepreneurs who are changing the on-demand […]

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    CRM for Small Business and Startups

    Managing data and contacts is one of the most critical aspects of business growth for any organization. As your business grows, you get more customers, handle bigger teams and manage more vendors. Valuable information about the leads gets lost in the vast spreadsheets, emails, SMS and phone calls. The growth of an organization comes with […]

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    6 Technology Upgrades Needed to Keep Your CRM Ahead of The Curve in 2019

    featured Image

    In the global economy, that is increasingly mobile-centered, the key to differentiation and growth for any business is a seamless customer experience at every touch point. It is now the time to move past traditional CRM Softwares to a customer engagement platform that allows access to customer engagement across multiple channels. CRM software today provides […]

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    Will Investors Fund My Startup Idea? Find Out at JungleHunt

    JungleWorks, Leading technology provider for on-demand business is hosting JungleHunt, a meet-up for budding entrepreneurs who are changing the on-demand game in the service industry.  Here is an opportunity to get access to mentoring, networking, and information on raising seed capital for growth. Pitch in your idea and get instant access to our incubator program. […]

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    Top 4 things to know before buying a CRM Software

    The needs and requirements of every business are unique. Selecting a CRM software that best suits your business use case has to be a perfect balance of the cost involved, the features you need and the plan you have for your business in the future. Pricing of CRM solutions vary from free forever plan to […]

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